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Jennifer Shepherd

WA United States

Hi! I live in the Pacific Northwest (near Seattle, WA) and enjoy art and design of all kinds. I create costumes and clothing, sew, make jewelry, paint, draw, create block prints, etc; and have always wanted to be a fabric designer. Spoonflower rocks!!

Shop Tags

vintage, nature, sf926hal13, animals, whimsical, abstract, geometric, cthulhu, antique, baroque,

rococo, text, large scale repeats, linocut, rose, monster, block print, stripes, dots, skeleton, checkerboard, skull, valentine, heart, cats, elder god, silhouette, cat, paw, paw print, pawprint, bee, tentacles, stripe, tentacle, checker, octopus, squid, bees, honey, love, trees, frankenstein, horizon, bride of frankenstein, creepy, arbor, grove, blue, gingham, butterfly, water, forest, lionfish, portrait, starfish, daisy, stingray, woodcut, engraving, paws, check, picnic, skate, toile de jouy, nautilus, honey bees, honeybees, photo, moon, purple, orange, shakespeare, ancestor, collage, kaleidoscope, winter, elizabethan, paper, branches, stamp, thinker, bubble, koi, camo, camoflage, river, daisies, february, green, january, gold, ghost, circus, twig, branch, watercolor, twigs, moth, bare, floral, tiny, folk, folkloric, fish, wine, aqua, sfaut15, medieval, sunset, teapot, parade, droeshout, bats, bug, kitchen, insect, rustic, toile, red, rough, cream, elder gods, paris, giant, chic, flying, carp, star, fashion, turkish, peach, angel, style, persian, flood, mouse, jazz age, tea, indian, frankenstein s monster, sky, coat of arms, heaven, la vie parisienne, monsters, lava, clouds, wings, jellyfish, animal, spoonflower contest, magma, crane, shield, ancient, heron, heraldry, box, chess, old, monarch, flowers, march, plaid, sketch, luna, vegetables, chandos, twilight, charcoal, huge, flower, white, 1920s, jim, immense, rivertubes, busy, 20s, gigantic, bear, flapper, flappers, fruit, black