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Earn 10%

of material sales every day

  • Earn 11% - 15% of material sales as a power seller (see below).
  • Enjoy payouts every two weeks at as little as $10 in earnings, with no delays or waiting periods.
  • Always earn the max... unlike other sites, commissions and bonuses are calculated on the retail price of the amount of material sold, regardless of any promotions or discounts the customer received.

Earn 11%

(a 1% bonus) if your monthly commission totals were $300 to $999. More details.

Earn 13%

(a 3% bonus) if your monthly commission totals were $1000 to $1,499. More details.

Earn 15%

(a 5% bonus) if your monthly commission totals were $1,500+. More details.

Join Our Community of Over 25,000 Designers

Collaborate and get feedback from fellow creative professionals and makers. Enjoy the satisfaction and reward as your designs are used for products which are often featured on Etsy, Amazon Handmade, Pinterest, and more. Meet a designer.

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Gain Visibility

Create your own shop and share your masterpieces with over 850,000 shoppers per month. As a Spoonflower seller, you may also choose to opt in to distribution on third party marketplaces, getting your designs in front of shoppers at Etsy, Amazon, eBay, and more.

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Spoonflower has been featured by:

Martha Stewart, Country Living, HGTV, Elle Decor, Today, Cosmopolitan

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As the pioneer of the print-on-demand movement, Spoonflower has gained a following of over 300,000 people who watch for and use the Spoonflower hashtag across social media. Don’t forget to add this when you share your designs!

Weekly Design Challenges

Stick to your design habit by participating in our challenges, which feature a brand new theme and amazing prizes each week. Win or not, your design will be seen by the crowd as they vote for their favorites.

Start Selling Today

There’s nothing quite like making money doing what you love and seeing other people use your artwork to make amazing things. Once you’ve uploaded your design, proofed it, and marked it for sale, you are ready to start earning.

  • Create your design ( HELP )
  • Upload it to Spoonflower ( HELP )
  • Order your design to proof it ( HELP )
  • Adjust design as needed ( HELP )
  • Verify your account and user agreement ( HELP )
  • Make your design available for sale ( HELP )
  • Watch your commissions roll in ( HELP )
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