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Yoshie Nakagaki

Shizuoka Japan

Thank you for visiting my shop! Send me a message if you have any questions or requests.

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scandinavian, modern, geometric, botanical, flower, floral, cute, sewing, nature, retro,

whimsical, blue, home decor, kids, patchwork, natural, abstract, white, scandi, yellow, hand drawn, grey, minimalist, green, animal, neutral, mid century, Quilting, beige, brown, bird, berry, pink, branch, leaf, winter, tulip, girl, dark, nursery, children, boho, black, textured, minimal, wonky, simple, forest, boy, wave, 70s, bohemian, traditional, quilt, Baby, muted, hedgehog, autumn, woodland, fall, mid mod, monochrome, graphic, red, 60s, pastel color, holiday, wild, monkey, coneflower, navy, dot, gorilla, snowflake, funky, jungle, tree, chick, starburst, stream, doodle, random, christmas, adorable, tile, house, mosaic, sun, home, nordic, large, foliage, japan, country, mid-century, scattered, pastel, groovy, ornament, dusty, hydrangea, spring, bloom, blossom, rustic, cream, antique, star, country style, wallpaper, sage, chic, stripes, pinwheel, wing, vibrant, japandi, bright, seigaiha, character, japanese, arch, small, scale, stripe, funny, scandinavian style, monochromatic, summer, purple, twig, vintage, triangle, colorful, mustard, silhouette, snowman, shabby chic, french country, earth tone, graphical, halloween, flying, monster, dandelion, cloth, fluffy seed, gray, ocean, cartoon, teal, hand-drawn, ochre, holly, olive, bold, aqua, art deco, mauve, , polka dot, weather, bitty, turquoise, plaid, owl, check, forget me not, mustard yellow, butterfly, khaki, insect, farmhouse, buttercup, line, face, basic, father, dad, masculine, toss, men, mid century modern, violet, fathers day, valentine
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