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Annica Vauk

Norderstedt Germany

A tailor and fashion designer who loves the colors and forms of the 60s and 70s.

Shop Tags

retro, 70s, 60s, seventies, sfaut15, vintage, classic, geometric, pixel, brown,

beige, plaid, groovy, check, blue, knit, orange, green, yellow, dots, boxes, flower print, emerald, flowers, stripes and dots, knitting, stripes, hearts, small flowers, red, circles, beige and brown, zigzag, zigzaggy, retro boxes, 2-colored, pepita, houndstooth, ellipse, diagonal lines, stairs, circle, diagonal, crochet, graphic, turquoise, sweater, round, yellow and brown, granny square, dress, weave pattern, sporty, green and brown, yellow and orange, 2 color, green and yellow, neutral bedding, fitness, bedding, beddingdc, flower, yellow and green, blue and brown, stripe, sports, orange and brown, kreise, top, brown and yellow, blue and beige, turquoise blue, pinstripe, gradient stripe, blouse, jacquard, bicycle, minimalist, brown and blue, kettlebell, turquoise and brown, garden, pink and purple, shades of blue, pink and brown, colorful, garten, tops, barbells, orange brown, dumbell, dotted, white, orange and yellow, christmas, mid century modern, patchwork, kreis, exercise, blumen, blatt, reddish brown, math, light blue and brown, fair isle, petrol, beige and blue, limited color palette, , bike, royal blue, cycling, light blue, box, blue and purple, leaves, pink, t-shirt, olive green, accessories, red and blue, purple, waves, leave, shirt, training, medium brown, hippie, lilac, bow, brown yellow and orange, lavender, kariert, schleife, dark blue, blue and white, peace, beige and yellow, science
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