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Zsuzsanna Ring

BRIGHTON Egyesült Királyság

Architectural and tattoo art background. Finally I found the best way of expressing myself through my drawings and ideas. Take a look at my designs in my shop and in my "not for sale" gallery too. Get in contact if you have any questions or inquiries.

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susyrdesign, nature, fabric, black, pink, red, white, green, flower, grey,

blue, wallpaper, animal, floral, rose, tree, forest, geometric, plant, retro, yellow, butterfly, geometry, dot, leaf, leaves, heart, love, trees, spot, modern, children, star, stars, design challenge, gift wrap, valentine, holidays, japanese, calm, tattoo, christmas, coral, ocean, kids, kids fabric, petal, painting, birds, pop art, spring, orange, design, sea side, woodland, bunny, oak, pine, bamboo, autumn, sfaut1915off, loveheart, animal print, maple, christmas tree, nursery, rabbit, citrus, hare, arrow, camuflage, zen, chinese, tea towel, home decor, ocean plant, jewel tone, romantic, curtain, flowers, mindfuldc, olive, line, mindful, turquoise, illustration, roses, winter, folk art, coast, fall, watercolor, blue flower, brown, purple, pattern, kitchen fabric, canadian wildlife, oriental, mint, drawing, large birds, squares, canadian flora and fauna, floral pattern, burgundy, collection, birdsdc, traditional, wildlifedc, round, light blue, Baby, circle, canada day, circles, santa, wildlife, east fork, Upholstery, fun, line drawing, botanical, eastforkdc, mandala, dots, pine tree, tile, balloon, sfteatowel, chinoise, abstract, andy warhol, mid century, bronze, magical, spearmint, roosteryfqteatowel, monochrome, colourful, australian flora, 1970, color, chintz, gold, beads, 1970dc, hearts, tile pattern, watercolour, bedding, black and white, challenge, baby boy, water, rock, ocean creatures, branch, new, 50s, blossom, painted, skirt, natural, limited color palette, sea, bubbles, swatch, coastal living
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