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sissi tagg

St Laurent Nouan France

Self-taught, touches everything, I make frames, jewelry, kits and bags. I practice painting.

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digital, blue, green, nature, white, yellow, flower, pink, orange, garden,

grey, violet, sea, leaf, summer, red, purple, spring, holidays, leafs, sea urchins, fish, stylised, home decor, jungle, bird, neutral retreat, sweet sleep, tropical, leaves, beige, butterfly, wallpaper, modern, antilles, limited color palette, lemon, automn, tiles, bicycle, paradise, pop-up citrus, animals, heart, yoga, tablecloth, balloon, christmas, sun, tree, girl, caribbean, black and white, color block, circle, frog, retro, watermelon, east fork, beach umbrella, eastforkdc, nursery, dots, geometric, design challenge, pastel, feathers, giraffe, black, feather, children, winter, dance, natural, toddler, vanilla, tea towel, throw pillow, chinese lantern, paris, indian, simple life, youth, pew, kilim, lion, terrace, forest, pink and blue, marine, small, morning pew, pineapple, hippopotamus, gardening, pop, chair, gingko, colibri hibiscus bleu, ice cream, child, macaroon, women, cat, quilt, pigeon, coconut tree, peonies, ecru, mustard, boy, coffee, sfteatowel, binoculars, floral, petal, indian flowers, palm, caraibes, glass of wine, chintz, fruits, kaleidoscope, beach, pastel cafe, limited palette, maximalist, cherry, cafedc, ikat, bubble, wave, diamond, line art, animal, cafe, cockatoo crested yellow, sunset, safari, fitness lizard, winter flowers, safaridc, fitness, caribbean leaf, snow, lemons, nuggetdc, canoe, pineandmintdc, tropical tree, bistrot, humming bird, teppaz, zebra, easter, pine and mint, lizard, metropolitan
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