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Lisa Makes

Wife, mom (4 adult kids, 1 dog, 2 cats), Creative, author, artist, quilter, sewist, publisher, editor.

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white, blender, black, blue, Quilting, Swimwear, red, leggings, random, spots,

splatter, blanket, Bags, fun, patriotic, fitness wear, green, kaleidoscope, bars, stripes, fractal, yellow, stars, square, purple, mottled, orange, wonky, grey, star, batik, dark, gradient, repeating squares, fancy pattern, vector illustration, drapery, Upholstery, radial, gold, art nouveau design, quilting blocks, gray, brown, pink, workout clothing, leathery, sfaut15, dragon, scales, goth, sf926hal13, solid, teal, circle, cosplay, wavy, magenta, mermaid, simple gradient, simple ombre, iridescent, jewel, dark green, holiday stockings, ring, canine holiday stocking, puppy dog canine k-9, working dog gifts, military dog gifts, elements, police dog gifts, holiday stocking panels, bright green, banded color, peacock, dark red, ivy, vines, bright green ivy on bla, batik style, steampunk, gothic, bright, verdant nature, repeating gradient, symbols, mirrored gradient, xmas, holiday, christmas, mint, peach, concentric, blues, caribbean sea, gradient stripes, rainbow, black white grey stripe, light, four repeats in a yard, dark grey, lavender, ombre dark light red, colorful, fog, feathers, brights, heart, blue stars on white, nature, love, cornflower, bird, jelly roll strips, indigo, emerald, cut your own strips, vertical color bands, gradient gray, stars and bars, gradient grey, red white blue, luminous, ombre gray, flame, ombre grey, shades of grey ombre, ombre blue, gradient blue, medallion, ombre dark light blue, wheel, plastic, pastels, spectrum, all-over pattern, background, earth, ombre red, roygbiv, gradient red, all the colors, mist, fire
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