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Sarah Mutter

Thanks for stopping by my studio! I'd love it if you share any images of your creations with my fabric - I'm @sarah_mutter_design on insta :) I'm happy to make colour changes and scale changes, just drop me a message.

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pink, blue, geometric, abstract, shapes, leopard, animal print, stripe, floral, spots,

bright, terrazzo, animal, plants, shape, scatter, squiggle, geology, big cat, tropical, wallpaper, small scale, sfteatowel, fun, basic, cute, boho, rock, undersea, sea, tribal, jungle, leaves, dark, valentines, heart, hearts, pastel, crystal, mineral, glitch, circle, geode, purple, science, wave, birds, elephant, tea towel, triangle, weave, bird, simple, ocean, flower, seaweed, plant, leaf, weird, texture, ocelot, earth, confetti, desert, love, collage, painterly, fantasy, dots, moon, cubic, fluorite, nature, under the sea, plantlife, knot, coral, christmas, peach, adventure, bohemian, winter, board games, mesa, stones, decoration, moon landing, nursery, puzzles, cutout, calendar, tabletop games, wax, vine, distort, square, beak, aqua, gamenightdc, vintage, paper cut, cheetah, water bird, corona, climbing, jaguar, lynx, stone, covid, flowing, modular, mud cloth, novelty, wax print, reef, geo, rainbow, weird flowers, pinwheel, berber, lockdown, pinks, eyes, valentine, humour, natural, quarantine, mudcloth, space, rope, warm, stay at home, kids, moths, prowl, braid, islands, half moon, astronaut, wildlife, block, insects, plait, fur, rocket, cat, stripes, yellow, 2021calendardc, large birds, naive, victoriangreenhousedc, plates, dot, bird of paradise, orange, swirl, tea towel calendar, birdsdc, rain, cracks, shell, green, wild animal, 2021 calendar, game night, dotted, trippy, shells, wiggle, pelican, circus
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