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Ruth Ellen Parlour

Durham United Kingdom

Fun, bold and quirky florals. I would love to see what you make with my designs, so please tag me on Instagram. If you would like a different scale or colourway please send me a message.

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hand drawn, floral, flower, pattern, bright, traditional, blue, pink, green, simple,

yellow, dark, stripes, nature, shapes, seamless repeat, geometric, summer, garden, art deco, brown, classy, basic, colourful, purple, 1920s style, abstract, botanical, white, elegant, ditsy, Organic, neutral, cream, lines, daisy, dotty, feminine, gold, mustard, dahlia, dots, country style, lilac, polka dot, vector, maximalist, home decor, multi-directional, red, pastel, mid century, victorian, drawing, spotty, pale, farm house, swirls, exotic, chevron, folk, bohemian, pencil, light, victorian greenhouse, calm, dandelion clocks, sophisticated, art nouveau, diamond, butterfly, busy, happy, rose, spots, rabbit, grey, turquoise, bunny, textile, bunnies, animals, flowers, mustard gold, boho, sunflower, architectural, cute, triangle, butterflies, birds, orange, knit, texture, gray, modern, navy, herringbone, great gatsby, warm, complimentary, rococo, artistic, baroque, illustration, gothic, vibrant, foliage, 1920s, decorative, beads, jewels, photography, orchid, plum, drops, chandelier, fancy, white flower, tartan, filigree, curls, pets, large scale, dandelions, aztec, trompe loeil, plaid, posh, natural, peruvian, shabby chic, very peri, palm springs, squares, jungle, plant life, tropical, checks, swan, rich, wallpaper, leaves, black, wildlife, spring, oversized, fabric, ornamental, bold, roses, quirky, wild flowers, repeat pattern, flapper, meadow, burgundy red, kitchen, mint, hydrangea, architecture, twilight, pretty, glass house, coordinating pattern, iron work, classical, tribal, complimenting, vintage, periwinkle, neon, shell
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