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Maria Elena Coco

Gorizia Gorizia Italia

Thanks for visiting my shop! For any question or request, feel free to write me. Feel free to tag me on social media when you use my prints, so I can see your projects! I'm so courious!

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teal, leaves, yellow, flowers, foliage, orange, blue, floral, retro, green,

pink, vintage, tropical, brown, warm tones, wallpaper, 70s, 1970s, cream, nature, blossom, monstera, blender, watercolor, geometric, summer, sea, purple, banana leaves, ocean, rainforest, red, exotic, hand drawing, petals, mustard, waves, neutral, jungle, palm leaf, feather, peach, greenery, coral, turquoise, roses, grey, dark, peony, underwater, swim, hexagon, colorful, halloween, redroses, autumn, terrazzo, sand, coordinate, stripes, mandala, marble, petal coordinates, retro floral, handdrawn, sage, bouquet, vertical, whimsical flowers, wild, spookie, herbs, dantealighieri, modern, garden, italia, lavender, diving, grass, divinacommedia, sfrotate, digital art, flower, tuscany, petal, divinecomedy, rays, butterfly, midcentury, midcentury mordern, beach, spring, forest, bloom, retro courtains, plcicollection, garden friends, checks, retro bloom, rosemary, rust, thymus, boho, oregano, italy, gold, chives, madeinitaly, scandinavian, plant, meadow, dante, skull, grunge, candle, rain, seastar, deep, seeds, solid coordination, moth, vintage wallpaper, pastel, lilac, fox, triangle, seaglass, christmas, moon, white, burgundy, dreamcatcher, night, joyful jungle, geometricfox, sloth, chinoiserie, sky blue, geometric fox, scary, jasmine, mint, pantoneveryperi, floralwildernessdc, summer flowers, bellflower, scent, bubbles, moonlight, whitesand, rose gold, fresh, water, veryperi, flora, reworkedclassicsdc, magpie
70s vibes