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Louise Henderson

Glasgow Scotland

I'm a freelance textile designer from Glasgow, Scotland. You are welcome to use my designs to make and sell products. I would love to see your projects so please tag me on instagram @louiseisobeldesigns.

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blue, red, mod, white, retro, vintage, 60s, northern soul, pink, black,

nature, yellow, masks, girls, target, flowers, garden, dance, geometric, red white blue, ancient egypt, scooter, spring, 1950s, green, sixties, art deco, egyptian, egypt, floral, bright, black and white, red and white, sports, boys, gold, targets, raf, stars, novelty print, blue and white, stripe, stripes, ballet, gardening, butterfly, music, ballet shoes, leaves, swinging sixties, 1920s, shells, carnival, pop art, fashion, mod fashion, seeds, dogs, quadrophenia, smoking, vintage look, happy, trees, monochrome, isis, 50s, japanese, forest, summer, anubis, tropical, popcorn, beach, turquoise, cinema, jewellery, rainbow, movie theatre, wildlife, plants, home cinema, food, kids, exotic, ocean, fairground, travel, plectrum, vacation, classical, pansies, sea, sfaut15, floral botanicals, ultra violet, ballerina, art nouveau, seahorse, key worker, hand-drawn, vegan, deco, matches, docent, lips, small, fire, valentine, lambretta, seaside, quilt, purple, kiss, spooky, egyptian revival, cucumber, bonsai, two tone, healthy, Quilting, colorful, gothic, peach, ska, damask, squares, cardin, soul, shoes, easter, wallpaper, chequerboard, coral, small pattern, Baby, chess, vegetables, hand drawn, black and red, women, jackal, novelty, kawaii, bedding, frog, ditsy, modern, chess board, allotment, karate, vintage seed, face mask, tampons, butterflies, foliage, cobra, seed packets, orange, bathroom, ferns, guitar, skates, hello, vintage style, cute, eye, rainbows, jungle, skating, feminist, countryside, woodland, gray, grower, damselfly, avant garde, gardener
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