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Kristyn Dors

Durham NC

I am an artist and surface designer with a love of geometric shapes and abstract patterns. Please feel free to contact me with any custom requests. Find me on Instagram:

Shop Tags

geometric, home decor, modern, abstract, geo, graphic, apparel, spring, green, tribal,

light, bold, orange, gray, distressed, yellow, midcentury, mcm, colorful, blue, bohemian, teal, funky, retro, multicolor, airy, pink, rectangles, wings, dark, monochrome, triangles, jumbo, leaves, textured, ochre, navy, movement, neutral, red, warrior, moody, beetle, leafy, texture, arrows, damask, squares, summer, bars, ornate, bright, burgundy, shapes, purple, rainbow, teen, beach house, electric, scallop, warm, flowers, insect, brown, preppy, fan, mauve, scalloped, underwater, happy, circles, arrowhead, peach, sophisticated, turquoise, monochromatic, sage, classic, Organic, modern damask, yellow and gray, clean lines, cream, crisp, digital, petals, blue and white, tossed, all over, trapezoid, boys room, seafoam, gauze texture, plum, gauze, lattice, coral, gauzy, dramatic pattern, baby blue, kites, small scale, rust, gender neutral, olive green, nursery, branches, sky blue, under the sea, diamond shape, nouveau, strong lines, rods, speckled, red and gray, ribbons, arts and crafts, trendy, geometric floral, red and blue, curtains, floral plaid, nature, white, stripes, fun, coffee beans, gold, blue gray, pea green, midcentury modern, rock n roll, lavender, teal and orange, wine, plaid, scattered leaves, worn texture, autumn, boys bedroom, amber, mid century, sapphire, yellow and blue, mustard, tan, pineapple, royal blue, simple, contemporary, strong, bug, octagon, stripe, vintage, taupe, Baby, tea towel, vines, feminine