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Kerri Von Rader

Fillmore CA United States

Please feel free to contact me for scale change requests!

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home decor, holiday, halloween, novelty, fashion, pink, kids, retro, vintage, black,

gothic, white, orange, yellow, stripes, green, animals, floral, bats, hand drawn, steampunk, cute, western, mens, kitchen, blue, whimsical, happy, botanical, skulls, cats, fruit, mid-century, bright, spooky, witchy, cream, summer, flowers, fun, stripe, grey, food, sfteatowel, modern, jumbo, art deco, trick or treat, leaves, tea towel, witch, ghost, medium, pumpkin, bold, teal, large, red, country, small, girls, oranges, citrus, hand-drawn, geometric, tropical, tattoo art, lemons, neutral, womens, mustard, reptiles, folk, stars, moody, pumpkins, mint, hands, pets, pineapple, gold, gender neutral, blooms, small stripes, gothichalloweendc, diamonds, goth, chickens, llamas, sphynx, triangles, eggs, black cats, victorian, olive, farm, shabby chic, christmas, feline, tattoo, clouds, mid century, boho chic, birds, bee, bees, tan, art nouveau, brown, sun, boho, warm, kawaii, damask, sky, ice cream truck, hairless cat, spring flora, spring, icecreamtruckdc, winter, spring fauna, homedecor, toile, blossoms, bananas, frozen treats, flora and fauna, blockprint, pastel, polka dots, national ice cream day, toolsofthetradedc, springtime, pastelhalloweendc, catsdc, cool, bold stripes, service workers, animalier, illustration, nocturnalanimalsdc, pasta, essential workers, animalierdc, nocturnal, snowflakes, kitten, popsicles, coordinate, masks, bloom, maximalist, beetlejuice, olive green, feline frenzy, exotic animal, night time, salt shaker, snakes, florals, purple, wild, pepper shaker, old school, geek, blueberries, honeycomb, sunrise, pop art, coffee
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