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katie pertiet

I've been working as a professional graphic designer for decades. Specializing in paper crafting + home decor markets. You may sell finished goods with my patterns purchased here— I'd love to see what you make!

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vintage, classic, blue, green, painted, outdoors, woodlands, yellow, red, botanical,

butterflies, collage, butterfly, brown, handwriting, postal, postcards, written, script, insects, postmarks, flowers, garden, naturalist, nature, mushrooms, floral, bugs, fungi, splash, orange, travel, ultimate gray, traditional, , black, botanicals, toss, white, gold, bright, pink, postmarked, ferns, teal, cottagecore, beige, drawn, christmas, stripes, artsy, simple, turquoise, neutral, bold, natural, holly, ephemera, textured, solids, boys, wings, earthy, polka dots, dragonfly, purple, illuminating yellow, transit, graphic, scatter, watercolors, crawlies, smokey, tropical, basics, buildings, creme, tonal, watercolor, x, spot, clean, dots, check, math, modern, pineappple, lavender, beach, island, city, watch, farmhouse, lily of the valley, candy canes, street, bunny, forest, cityscape, rabbit, hare, gray, arrows, stripe, bumblebees, ladybugs, pi phi, time, sorority, clock, primary colors, maroon, camping, wine, meadow, charts, moth, farm, chickens, santa claus, honeycombs, coral, pattern, stockings, charcoal, rainbow, chicken wire, lilac, compass, covered, dragonflies, navigate, monarch, cream, map, winged, peony, basic, light blue, bees, ladybirds, lime, buzz, plaid, barbie, roses, fruit, royal blue, blush, old, antique, true blue, emerald, peach, advertisements, chalkboard, ho ho ho, midnight, sunflowers, st nicholas, sunshine, flea market, chartreuse, striped, silver blue, summer, mosquito, stained, pi beta phi
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