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Katia Bulbenko

I'm a mixed media artist, illustrator and surface designer. I love color and pattern and hope you'll enjoy quilting, sewing and making great stuff with my designs! Follow me on Instagram. All work copyright 2020 by Katia Bulbenko.

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home decor, Quilting, clothing, bag, tabletop, pillow, pink, floral, flowers, blue,

kitchen, napkin, Lining, geometric, tea towel, summer, teatowel, mask making, yellow, pink and green, blue and white, black, garden, eggs, masks, indigo, green, beach house, leaves, curtains, navy, pajamas, black and white, gender neutral, blush rust blue, brown, denim friendly, holiday, baking, pink flowers, birds, tropical, circles, 2021 calendar, faces, rooster, ditsy floral, floral pattern, people, dessert, sweets, orange, paisley, fruit, gray, apron, blanket, wallpaper, spring, light blue, fruits and vegetable, acorns, pysanky, baker, easter eggs, cactus, beach, tea towel calendar, calendar, ukrainian, farm, trees, pool party, mothers day, diversity, sewing, chickens, forest, stripe, vintage, morning glory, white, easter, botanical, kids, purple, tote bag, cream, insects, feathers, autumn colors, christmas, hibiscus, scarf, succulents, kitchen towel, monstera, ditsy, tiles, cake, pineapple rings, scissors, children, butterflies, daisies, yellow flowers, Baby, folkart, lemons, Denim, autumn leaves, baby blanket, folkloric, bedding, pink and black, tools of the trade, fall, dots, colorful, pineapples, neutrals, conversational, folk art, pastel, stylized flowers, buttons, retro, scallop, fall colors, red and white, greige, vintage buttons, falling leaves, humans, neutral, candy, bugs, turquoise and pink, beach living, animal print, gardening, bandanna, florals, plants, crafter, plumage, spots, jungle, tea, turquoise, thanksgiving, food pattern, vegetables, red, bird, girls, tropical leaves, anemones, hawaiiian, spring floral, moroccan, food, caramel
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