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Kari Joy

New York

Hi! I'm an artist & designer who feels so lucky to create and celebrate beauty! You may use my fabric to resell items---Please contact me for scale/color changes. I love seeing what you're making, so please tag me on Instagram: @KariJoyHodgen

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home decor, hand drawn, flowers, floral, garden, pink, botanical, green, blue, white,

yellow, large scale, cutting garden, blue and white, christmas, black and white, holiday, foxglove, mustard, leaves, wallpaper, hand-drawn, black, flower, lily of the valley, ostrich, small scale, poppies, red, gold, safari, cheetah, dots, mid century modern, mcm, neutral, navy, large birds, geometric, ditzy floral, folk art, baby shower, dutch, delft, delft blue, windmill, pinecones, ostriches, holland, amsterdam, green and white, watercolor, poppy, coordinate, plaid, autumn, big birds, leopard print, fall, nursery design, olive, polka dots, thanksgiving, feathers, polka dot, woodland, branches, fuschia, children, summer, ranunculus, pink and green, giraffe, purple, botanicals, zebra, dot, retro, novelty, petals, pink and white, squares, ornaments, mistletoe, navy and white, lilac, peony, toile, jewel tones, bramble vines, vines, pink and gold, palm tree, spots, birds, fruit, hexagon, circles, bright, brown, orange, brown and white, leopard, sfteatowel, citrus, pine cones, citrus garden, nursery, robins egg blue, bugs, abstract, insects, animalier, hand painted, stripe, christmas ornaments, toss, gilt, small, perfume, tiles, palm, millennial, bows, camping, christmas tree, star, ribbon, christmas decor, starburst, kitschdc, coral, hand-painted, kids, vintage kitsch, umbrella, brocade, blockprint, parasol, vintage, roosteryfqteatowel, holiday decor, gingham, modern florals, tea towel, whimsical, antique, check, decorations, flora, stripes, orange grove, periwinkle, samba, makeup, gilded, tropical, boudoir, cosmetics, outdoors, hand painted florals, bramble, lipstick
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