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Jenn Pointer

Broken Arrow OK United States

Digital artist specializing in colorful surface pattern designs.

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boho, preppy, chic, glam, neon, black, wedding, white, stripes, non-directional,

colorful, hearts, wavy, christmas, anniversary, striped, ditsy, pinstripes, fuchsia, holiday, squiggly, jumbo, large scale, valentines day, hot pink, abstract, rainbow, red, cobalt, psychedelic, love, shimmer, orange, chartreuse, snowflakes, groovy, pride, blue and white, gold, purple, valentine, greek, fluorescent, toile, blue, iridescent, throwing stars, ninja, shuriken, silver, patriotic, usa, black and white, vintage, green, ladybug, pink, ritzy, forest, asymmetrical, ultraviolet, gray, heart, grey, eagles, violet, floral, squares, polka dots, ultimate gray, steampunk, turquoise, trippy, trees, phones, lights, dots, retro, doves, telecom, crosses, damask, brocade, jacquard, easter, illuminating yellow, gears, cogs, snow, wires, tropical, birds, technology, pattern, communication, circles, music, yard sale, dragon fruit, flea market, squiggly lines, piano, candy, keyboard, peppermint, notes, caterpillar, 1980s, crayons, berry, artist, tangerine, coloring, yellow, classroom, teacher, 80s, children, education, pinstriped, comment bubbles, junk dealer, thrifting, space, eighties, disco, bugs, fat quarter, tree, pine trees, satire, garage sales, evergreen, musical notes, question marks, exclamation points, tiled, autumn, antiques, fall, buttercups, stained glass, voiceless, ornaments, vertical, picking, checks, dumpster diving, bug, leaves, flipping, digital, animal, maple, upcycling, tie dye, pinwheels, collage, no comment
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