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Jen Ashfield


THANKS for checking out my shop! Please contact me if you would like a scale, direction or colour change. I LOVE seeing photos of what you make :) tag me on IG @jen.ashfield or email me at Thanks!!!

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yellow, fun, green, orange, blue, red, food, black, solids, comic book,

leaves, geometric, pink, egg, sports, picnic, karate, martial arts, brown, grey, kids, gray, young youth, spirals spiral, sun sunshine, cream, superhero words, grey gray, white, circles circle, fruit, ditsy, watercolour, lines, watercolor, flowers, boy girl sheets, paisley, vegetables, stripes, halftone, simple, watermelon, squares, watermelons, carrot, veggie, punch kick, onomatopoeia, carrots, small scale, linear, autumn, strips, fall, medley, floral, triangles, mountains, falling leaves, animals, strokes, punch, paint, fish fishscales, red blue, navy blue, lightning strike, lozenge diamonds, superhero, fun funny, clouds, white cream, seashells, lozenges, kick, anthropomorphic, slice slices, earthy, melon, yolk, charcuterie, moss, hedgehogs, seigaiha, compass, grapes, mushrooms, seed pit, underpants undies, children, blossoms, flowers flower, turquoise, underwear, blush pink, circle, placemat, paper towel, mossy, slice, heather grey, scallop, heather gray, scalloped, small ditsy, wine, crackers, painted, fishscales, dark grey, vines vine, half tone, pepper peppers, charcuterie board, hats, fast stripes, dark gray, blush, heather, sage, retro, beige, words, moon, cucumbers, eggs, chevron, purple, tomatoes, cheese, backpack, light blue, black belt, peach, teal, mustard, baguette, chipmunk, mahogany red brown, peaches, earth, sauce dip chutney, leaf, navy, undies underwear, bowl cover, stars, garden, nature, spirals, hiking, gnomes, stone fruit, footprints