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Save on NEW Solid Color Cotton Fabrics

Holly Zeleny

Lakewood Colorado USA

I have loved patterns for as long as I can remember. Sometimes bold & colorful, sometimes soft & muted! But variety is the spice of life! Please don't hesitate to contact me if you have a special request! Thank you for visiting my shop! Holly

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dots, navy, white, teal, graphic, stripe, novelty, black, blue, pink,

orange, bedding, yellow, green, simple, hand drawn, bold, chevron, stripes, fun, asymmetrical, ethnic, geometric, gray, red, zig zag, Baby, sheets, mola, kids, toddler, retro, cute, dashes, flowers, clean lines, taupe, grey, neutral, girl, colorful, gold, wallpaper, stiches, african, graphic cells, hearts, pillow, boy, Organic, daisy, squares, hippy, modern, traditional, purple, cream, bright, kuna folk art, groovy, tea towel, san blas island, circles, polka dots, psychedelic, nature, tiny, hallucinogenic, summer, flower, abstract, small, texture, young, gender neutral, packed, sketchy, safari, throw blanket, indie, home decor, houndstooth, bohemian, animal skin, vintage, whimsical, curtains, tonal, herringbone, plaid, tiny daisies, minky blanket, moons, masculine, zoo, christmas, party, magenta, panama, spring, Swimwear, juvenile, hippie, mola pink colorway, vivid, stylized, neutralgeometricwallpaperdc, indigo, ogee, monochromatic, fresh, zigzag, mudcloth, girly, jumbo, calming, small scale, soothing, napkins, trendy, roses, power, mola bold color way, rose buds, urban, city, hearts and flowers, checks, knit, playful, diagonal, blocks, check, kitchen, boho, horizontal, toss, versatile, kitchen appliances, fabric repeat, primary, mid century kitchen, happy, giraffe, kitten, calm, kitty heads, sfrotate, hipster, flower power, aunk, flowers and hearts, duvet, one color plus white, camouflauge, positive, 70s, boy or girl, woodland, love, autumn, affirmation, large scale, winter, peace, swirls, non-directional, hunting, fist, light ground, ugly, solid navy
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