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Elisabeth Fredriksson


I'm a color addicted and nature-loving artist from Sweden. When I create I can get inspired from everything between a grain of sand to the universe at large.

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abstract, cats, geometric, geometry, flowers, witch, leaves, kitchen, cat, peach,

floral, painting, paint, wicca, occult, moth, crystals, skull, magic, crystal ball, sfaut15, skulls, cute, witchcraft, art deco, golden, yellow, blue, adorable, peaches, cupcake, watercolor, tea, orange, multicolored, luxurious, gold, teal, pink, graphic design, colourful, love, polygon, teacups, symmetry, symmetric, watercolour, green, triangular, coffee, moon, fruit, coffee cups, food, witch cat, coffee mugs, hippie, abstract shapes, rainbow, peace, modern, black and white, van, flow, black cat, flower power, 70s, colorful, vibrant, butterfly, nature, 60s, lemons, lemon, citrus, hexagons, lines, tattoos, sisterhood, retro, tattoo, hearts, rocks, yellow flowers, stones, luxury, girlpower, terrazzo, fluid, kitten, white lines, spotted, avocado, blue and gold, aquarelle, teacup, tea time, mustard, kawaii, falling leaves, music, purple, earth tones, pink and yellow, earthy, kittens, natural, pets, beverage, animals, pebbles, elegance, vintage, white outlines, female, women, marbled, bird, cubic, coffee shop, gold lines, confetti, garden, happy colors, minimal, dots, imaginary, fancy, kitty, branch, animal, botanical, idhollywood19, art deco large scale, cosmos, sunset colors, crystal, berries, space, pears, acrylic, light grey, universe, peach pink, stars, bright, colors, strawberries, moons, mermaid, marble, cafe, galaxy, fish, graphic, cold colors, eyes, pet, ocean, brown, blush, marigold, mermaid scales, pink and black, soft pink, ornamental, scales, black and yellow, silver blue, leaf, fish scales, cubes, white and yellow, abstract pattern
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