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Edith Schmidt

I am a visual artist. I love doing illustrations and pattern design.

Shop Tags

, green, watercolor, blue, red, kitchen, cooking, food, vector, cabbage,

pig, orange, radish, botanical, chef, purple, kids, whimsy, black, hand drawn, rat, child, carrots, animal, leaves, pet, white, tea towel, humpty dumpty, tea, cup, youth, vegetable, Baby, gray, home decor, stars, flower, yellow, modern, kaleidoscope, decor, kimono, abstract, robe, nursery rhyme, garden, cream, celery, moon, shape, swirls, egg, hairy, flowers, mala, yoga, bloom, eyeballs, pose, Quilting, exercise, pink, blueberries, horse, vegetables, cook, monsters, plants, carrot, halloween, sewing, fruit, sky, sfaut15, night, type, bunny, robots, screwdriver, knives, whisk, rabbit, wheels, autumn, anchor, snow, border, lemon, golden, plant, nature, citrus, branch, monster, sfaut1915off, dress making, flora, onion, winter, tabby, line drawing, lips, gold, toss, cat, bird, fern, heaven, off white, tiled, marine, sf926hal13, night sky, font, maritime, toy, raven, olive, whimsical, pattern, swordfish, wrench, ocean, peach, hammerhead, pointed, emerald, deep sea, fall, illustrator, caroling, spoons, herbal, rope, luna, pear, mint, daisy, painting, gears, mint julep, men, lettuce, circle, solider, snakes, super hero, round, bbq, seasonal, illustration, skin, ferns, slice, bush, beverage, fairy tail, cogs, satellite, top hat, sour, spatula, phases, shapes, check, knitting, retro, soldier, dog, hand-drawn, cross, acorn, terrier, vegitable, nautical, nut, plaid, man s best friend, berries, woodland, cooks, octopus, furry, whale, character, gear, crow