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Danielle Falk

Nashville TN

Welcome! Thank you for coming by. If you post on Instagram items made from my designs, please hashtag them #daniellereneefalk so I can show your items off! Any purchase you make is much appreciated!

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aztec, tribal, watercolor, stars, cross, arrows, dots, blue, stripes, star,

diamond, galaxy, rainbow, nautical, starburst, lines, mint, home decor, black and white, plus sign, celestial, polkadots, polkadot, oblong, space, lace, geometric, compass rose, atomic, archery, oblong dot, white oblong, gradient, chevron, polka dots, ikat, circles, green, starry sky, vintage, teal, lacey, girl, minimalist, solar, black, ombre, neutral, red, swimsuit, pirate, herringbone, arrowheads, oblong polkadot, arrow, sfaut15, triangles, pink, purple, floral, neon, camouflage, circle, white, grid, modern, butterfly, fruit, woodland, night, girl print, primitive, pineapple, pineapples, light, hearts, skin, watercolour, mermaid scales, dot, dragon scales, bohemian, doll skin, neon watercolor, scales, grey, yellow, alternative, quilt, boho, watermelon, tan, abstract, seafoam, kawaii, mint triangles, nature, solid, victorian, leggings, tree, rainbow stripes, chic, raspberry, butterflies, blues, moss, ocean, rainbow stars, navy, swiss dots, orange, white dot, square, green apples, sailor stripes, children, summer, mudcloth, Denim, strawberry, chartreuse, triangle, tropical, cross stitch grid, arrow cross, small polka dots, radiant orchid, doll, plushie, abstract rainbow, tribal arrows, bathing, doll making, love, aztec arrows, gothic, fairy tale, solid blue, boy, tiedye, summer fruit, doll skin color, spots, pastel, starry night, tile, up and down, fish scales, peach, doll skin fabric, valentine, crosses, sky, triad, snake scales, danielle renee falk, gold, watercolor hearts, apples, wood, color, cream
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