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Jessi lawson

Minneapolis Mn USA

Illustrator, Designer and Full Time Tattooer based out of Minneapolis,Mn. Owner of Dacha Dreamland and Wildcat Tattoo. Inspired by MidCentury Modern and 60’s Space Age Mod, but you will find a variety of design styles in these collections.

Shop Tags

vintage, retro, 70s, groovy, 60s, mid century, mod, orange, psychedelic, floral,

flower, green, yellow, summer, op art, flowers, atomic, nature, brown, trippy, garden, mcm, butterfly, blue, festival, vines, modern, cowgirl, western, large scale, jungle, landscape, spider, 1970s, vintage floral, cowboy, chef, tropical, spring, forest, mid century modern, purple, ocean, red, kids, homeontherangedc, mandala, pattern, kitchen, hippie, diamond, cactus, sea, bold, beach, mushroom, desert, pink, bugs, space age, wildlife, opart, scandinavian, cook, seashellsdc, illustrative, daisy, tiki, rainbow, ranch, botanical, pop, southwest, mystical, rodeo, food, thorns, cooking, peonies, halloween, sand, blossom, creepy, anemone, citrus, snail, geometric, Baby, 50s, picnic, rosemaling, mustard, herbs, flower power, leaves, calm, muted, baking, shells, wallpaper, chevron, insects, nursery, owl, orb, avacado, childrens, turquoise, bouquet, magical, deer, climbingvinesdc, stars, mushroomdc, cream, texas, bear, 1960s, web, arizona, squirrel, heron, wild west, bird, flying, illustration, lava, coral, fauna, veggies, goth, kids print, apple, warp, avocado, climbing, small, beetle, pinecone, gothic, cute, acorn, vegan, roses, far out, rabbit, palm, zen, damask, square, nautical, optical illusion, pantry, seashells, lattice, north woods, mindfuldc, spices, tomato, woven, mindful, rust, fern, starfish, genie, birds, colorful, cranes, circles, gothichalloweendc, snake, old west, eggs, shell, clouds, pride, olive, camp

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