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Cory Marie Podielski

Asheville NC US

I live in the Appalachian Mountains where I make art, play banjo, square dance, porch sit, eat pie, and drink whiskey.

Shop Tags

country, vintage, gingham, picnic, kitchen, farmhouse, feedsack, ditsy, Quilting, mask,

americana, blue, apron, pink, purple, retro, party, cherry, tropical, circus, yellow, ice cream, rainbow, birthday, farm, prairie, candy, pop art, 60s, groovy, flower, jungle, pin-up, 1930s, Swimwear, waves, cupcake, harley quinn, mime, commedia dell arte, hand drawn, tween, cherries, bbq, sunny, costume, kids, strawberry, clown, green, chocolate, grape, white, homestead, harlequin, diamond, dot, rainforest, 1970s, sweets, bright, dessert, baking, hibiscus, parrot, woodland, girly, polaroid, pinup, zoo, surfer girl, rose, table cloth, animals, rockabilly, lush, theatrical, cottage core, fungi, deco, summer, love, easter, mod, napkin, multi, spring, cartoon, surrealist, mushroom, primary, dorothy, ocean, hippie, oz, feed sack, red, 1980s, surrealism, wizard of oz, 80s, fruit, psychedelic, powder blue, small scale, surf, baby blue, lingerie, geometric, dramatic, beach, , sky, cottagecore, camp, heart, skate, un chien anadalou, surf board, historical, 30s, lake, palm leaves, surfing, scout, marker pen, hidden eyes, girl, map, death head moth, hawaii, frosting, dali, orange, deck of cards, diverse, colorful, sports, daisy, oversize, magic mushroom, square dance, gecko, parade, classic, Baby, badge, toadstool, neon, toddler, 70s, new wave, french, calico, balloons, swim, tablecloth, 1960s, gunne sax, lizard, floral, kitsch, brady bunch, depression-era, comic, tiny, happy, camping, reproduction

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