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Jenny at Chronically Uncool
Belleville Illinois USA

I'm donating my commission from the sale of the Tetris fabric to a science and technology education charity called FIRST ( They sponsor robotics competitions and scholarships for kids!


Chronicallyuncool's News


ashleyerbe uploaded a project photo for chronicallyuncool's design:

Tetris Border Print
It worked perfectly on this half apron I made! :)
Posted about 4 years ago.

kc12344325 commented on chronicallyuncool's design:

Tetris Border Print
Tetris Border Print
Mighty need!
Posted over 4 years ago.

aeno uploaded a project photo for chronicallyuncool's design:

Tetris Border Print
When I saw this fabric I knew as a Tetris addict I had to have it and make a dress out of it. Love it!
Posted over 5 years ago.

knacc uploaded a project photo for chronicallyuncool's design:

Tetris Border Print
This is the Lolita-style Tetris skirt I made out of this fabric and donated to Desert Bus for Hope last year. I'm really happy with how it turned out. I'll be making a different style of Lolita skirt this year for the auction (hopefully bustle) so make sure to check out the auction if you enjoy this one. Thank you, chronicallyuncool for such a fun and pretty fabric design.
Posted about 6 years ago.

ayeeff uploaded a project photo for chronicallyuncool's design:

Tetris Border Print
For my first sewing project, I made a pillowcase with this nerdesque fabric. I used a simple tutorial from YouTube and it turned out awesome. For others interested in purchasing this fabric, just note that the background of the print is more of a charcoal color than black.
Posted about 6 years ago.

menolly07 uploaded a project photo for chronicallyuncool's design:

Tetris Border Print
I just wanted to repost this. I wasn't happy with my skirt length. I wanted it to my knees, and I also wanted more body so found a lighter stiffnessed horsehair braid online. I also made bias tape out of the same skirt fabric and remade the waist band. Basically, I stripped it back down to the yardage and remade from scratch. I like it MUCH better!
Posted about 6 years ago.