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Jacki Brook

Putney Vermont

To contact me regarding my designs (e.g., buying rights, resizing, or turning 90º) email brookware(at) Put Brookware or a design name in the subject line. For fabric photos, see BrookwareDesigns on Instagram.

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designed for velvet, block print, gold, aqua, teal, south asian, india, collage, modern quilting, mid century,

retro, turquoise, latina, traditional, victorian, geometric, kilim, turkish, oriental rug, persian, blue green, mexican, lilac, olive, bohemian, radio, electronics, salmon, quilt, vintage, ochre, lily pads, purple, silver, pond, violet, science, curtains, chartreuse, floral, southwestern, oriental, orange, mint green, maker, geeky, industrial, slate blue, grass green, arts and crafts, lavender, slate green, geisha, art deco, yellow orange, curvilinear, 50s, boomerang, patchwork, crosses, lime, warm gray, mission, native american, workshop, atmospheric, pink, impressionistic, camp, blue, cabin, painterly, taupe, abstract floral, pewter, sky blue, gray, pacific northwest, chilkat, botanical, tlingit, steampunk, day of dead, bark, blue gray, greenish-gold, cubist, african, black, green, woodsy, reddish purple, soft green, deep blue green, mustard, sky, indian, ecru, shower curtain, mint, mandala, necktie, summery, linear, khaki, magenta, water, abstract, warm silver, lilies, machinery, sketchy, Quilting, tree, gray green, soft blue, exotic, latino, leaf pattern, birch bark, grayish-mint, chalk texture, burnt orange, duvet, pale blue, butter yellow, black & white, sunroom, dusty rose, doodling, mexico, porch, doodles, art nouveau, wild ginger, milagros, deep pink, thalo blue, aztec, heart shaped leaves, tropical, brick red, masculine, soft blue green, peach, teal green, southwest, nerdy, deep mint, deep orange, soft orange, greenish-khaki, vest, cherry, vibrant, periwinkle blue, yellow, dark red, modified for swatch, tribal, pale violet, red orange, birch