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Brandy Miller


I am a freelance graphic designer, seamstress, and artist. If you would like custom fabrics designed, or would like a recolor of one of my current designs just send me a message or email me at brandymmiller at gmail dot com.

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quilt, nature, green, floral, whimsical, stripes, dots, purple, blue, white,

large scale repeats, geometric, pink, abstract, holiday, gold, yellow, black, animals, sfaut15, teal, spring, blossoms, flowers, orange, polka dots, vintage, coral, kids, catholic, red, children, christian, sf926hal13, halloween, fun, grey, writing, christmas, ocean, birds, crayon, Quilting, sea, brown, writers, citrus, sports, easter, quilts, grapefruit, lemon, dove, lime, holly, winter, blossom, print, rainforest, cut & sew patterns, stars, trees, bowling, silver, pumpkin, hawaiian, roses, paisley, leaves, fall, ditsy print, sewing, bows, autumn, eucharist, holy spirit, cross, polka dot, butterflies, cheater quilt, tea, summer, animals by air, cut & sew, magic show, kitchen, sunflower, beagles, robots, fruit, feathers, girls, angels, bag, cream, fabric, navy, plaid, baby bedding, sloth, home decor, first communion, spooky, hand drawn, solids, holidays, root vegetables, sailboats, robot, solid, easter bunny, writer, circles, carrot, easter eggs, mint, squares, potato, cheater, cup, islands, lotus, bright green, pattern, unicorn, plushie, beet, magic, heart, black and white, shark, magenta, merry christmas, purse, mother s day, ornamental, waves, mountains, pomegranate, love, paper, wisdom, amethyst, decorations, cut and sew, maroon, 4th of july, peacock, camouflage, stars and stripes, thanksgiving, tan, crucifix, butterfly, southwest, flower, forest, ditsy, princess, coordinates, Baby, evergreen, us flag, gifts, turtles, feminine, pens, patriotic, earth tones, dolphins, navajo, bowties, leopard, boys
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