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Beth Gaffney

North Carolina USA

Hi there and welcome to my shop! After years of working with fabrics I’m finally designing my own. I am excited to share my work while I continue to fill my little corner here. I’m developing new ideas everyday so please check back sometime!

Shop Tags

nursery, hand drawn, floral, nature, kids, botanical, simple, bohemian, home decor, pink,

gray, modern, watercolor, Baby, decor, textured, textured background, coral, boho, doodle, gold, geometric, green, white, apparel, blue, moon, leaves, abstract, stars, minimal, yellow, farmhouse, sketch, dots, whimsical, minimalist, forest, bright, girl, sketchy, linen, small scale, rustic, plants, pastel, rose, clouds, flowers, mountain, mushrooms, bee, desert, linen look, toadstool, fox, honeybee, mushroom, illustration, rainbow, insect, starburst, children, cottagecore, muted, traditional, gender neutral, classic, vintage, dark background, landscape, maximalist, bold, southwestern, natural, cottage, black and white, solar system, fall, kid, eucalyptus, boutique, solid, kitchen, line art, fern, tea towel, aqua, large scale, fat quarter, cactus, tribal, string of pearls, art nouveau, terracotta, cranes, geode, heron, mountains, plant, bear, birds, linen textured, art deco, jungle, squirrel, hand painted, woods, raindrops, colorful, unicorn, navy, farm, coyote, triangles, color pop, animal, celestial, honey, detailed, trees, grayscale, calm, duvet, garden, flat, toadstools, pillow, folklore, novelty, scattered, pale pink, woodland, triangle, ditsy, Denim, polka dot, saguaro, boy, outdoors, adventurecore, pencil, brown, bird, night sky, constellation, wheat, forest green, rain, saquaro, moth, elephant ear, sticks, teal, maximalists, earth tone, ivory, sun, small, homestead, western, rust