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Ashley Peterson

Goldsboro NC United States

I am an artist and graphic designer with a love of color and pattern.

Shop Tags

modern, pattern, green, blue, retro, home decor, wallpaper, pink, vintage, animal,

lines, tribal, white, bold, flowers, squares, circle, hatch, grid, aztec, transitional, repeat, native, large scale, traditional, yellow, ancient, geometric, orange, black, Baby, black and white, jungle, sfaut15, red, floral, mid century, leaf, big cats, nursery, illustration, flower, horses, zebra, tiger, leopard, jaguar, purple, spots, brown, square, big cat, pinwheel, dot, pine, colorful, print, branch, juniper, animals, gray, ditsy, post modern, beige, indigenous, mustard, terrazzo, painterly, fun, tiger pattern, faux texture, christmas, scatter, cheetah, maximalist, blues, fern, kids room, ornaments, tossed, navy blue, stripe, tree, sprig, confetti, kid, turquoise, tigers, idhollywood19, girly, warm, teal, bright, horse, art deco, greenery, triangle, mudcloth, bloom, succulent, greige, dots, baubles, fiddle leaf, ball, sprout, mint, people, crazy plant lady, terrazzo floor, line, daisy, snake plant, deer, mid century modern, loose, 80s, holiday, , endangered species, gold, stars, jungle tigers, faux, pony, inlay, italy, stalking prey, fake, violet, two inch stripe, hunting, glitter, floor, terazzo, rainbow, dark, blossom, african, tulip, vase, bough, feminine, skinny stripes, gender neutral, geometric pattern, art nouveau, bathroom, 2birdstone, speckled, fawn, scallop, plants, tan, brights, antelope, sweet, girl, Organic, ice, meadow, eucalyptus, cream, ivory, graphic, cellular, triangles, spot, greek key, opulent, field, chamomile, moody, mcm, bold pattern, wall mural, polka dot, blush, spring, lime