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Create four coordinating designs celebrating the meaning of family for the chance to win an exclusive license from our partner, StoryPatches.


Our StoryPatches Family Tree Coordinates Design Challenge seeks 4 coordinating designs that celebrate family, in all of its forms. StoryPatches is building a collection of interactive labels that allow photos, video and audio to add another dimension of your story to your next handmade project. The winning coordinate design will be licensed for an exclusive set of StoryPatches labels.


Winner receives $300 cash prize from StoryPatches and a licensing contract to create a line of quilt labels, $300 Spoonflower credit + a press release. All remaining entrants in the top 10 to receive $100 in Spoonflower credit.

The Winner

The rest of the Top 10

The full list of entries and votes

  1. 271 votes for bird family tree - coordinates by heleenvanbuul
  2. 251 votes for Stitched Together by littleknids
  3. 246 votes for HAPPY CAMPERS by bzbdesigner
  4. 238 votes for Sweet family stories by cjldesigns
  5. 231 votes for SF-StoryPatches-Coordinates-Prints by kerryn_art
  6. 221 votes for Bear Cub by actuallycharming
  7. 196 votes for Rabbit relatives by miyatake_(julie's_fabrics)
  8. 190 votes for EVERY FAMILY TREE IS A LITTLE FUNKY by katerhees
  9. 182 votes for VintageFamilyTree by leventetladiscorde
  10. 171 votes for Heart of the Family Tree by robyriker
  11. 167 votes for Nesting in the Family Tree by tiffanyheiger
  12. 165 votes for family tree- periwinkle by ottomanbrim
  13. 163 votes for chestnuts and oak leaves by karinka
  14. 161 votes for Cats-familytree by la_fabriken
  15. 159 votes for Cloisonné Story Collection by ceciliamok
  16. 147 votes for Avian Family Tree by lprspr
  17. 142 votes for roosting: my fledglings at home and afield. by vo_aka_virginiao
  18. 134 votes for papageno-family-yard by gaiamarfurt
  19. 127 votes for (private design)
  20. 124 votes for Family tree by weejock
  21. 124 votes for Forest Family by orangefancy
  22. 119 votes for Unified Family Life by rubydoor
  23. 118 votes for Rabbit Family Reunion. by slumbermonkey
  24. 115 votes for Forest family by analinea
  25. 113 votes for Elephant Family Tree by snidgy's_designs
  26. 113 votes for bird love trees 4 in 1 by scrummy
  27. 112 votes for Familie by abbyhersey
  28. 109 votes for retro-family-picture by lisahilda
  29. 105 votes for SF-StoryPatches-Coordinates-Family_Tree__Bruxamagica by bruxamagica
  30. 100 votes for Branches of Love by solvejg
  31. 99 votes for Family Tree by lbehrendtdesigns
  32. 99 votes for (private design)
  33. 97 votes for Story Patches Coordinates - Family Tree by mjmstudio
  34. 95 votes for We are Family, on Blue by feralartist
  35. 95 votes for Family Forest by cleolovescolor
  36. 93 votes for family_folklore by mimipinto
  37. 88 votes for Families of birds by sveta_aho
  38. 87 votes for SF-StoryPatches-Coordinates-entry-lucy-menzies by luluvic
  39. 87 votes for Family of butterflies by kociara
  40. 87 votes for Folk Tree and Coordinates. by pixabo
  41. 85 votes for Family Topiary Trees by paula's_designs
  42. 84 votes for Blue bird family tree by aprilone
  43. 83 votes for highland family by prospectroadstudio
  44. 83 votes for Cradle Embrace Guide Lift by mariaspeyer
  45. 81 votes for (private design)
  46. 81 votes for Flying Pig Gray Smaller Scale © Jennifer Garrett by jennifer_todd
  47. 81 votes for Tweet Tweet Birdie Family Tree #Storypatches by sewindigo
  48. 79 votes for The Bears Adopt Goldie by angelastevens
  49. 78 votes for (private design)
  50. 77 votes for The_Whild_Family_Tree_Coordinates by relwhild
  51. 76 votes for foxtemplate by kmoses2886
  52. 75 votes for Love, Family, Home by pamelachi
  53. 73 votes for The apple doesn't fall far from the tree by cate_rose
  54. 72 votes for StoryPatches by carolynbelefski
  55. 71 votes for Family Stories by gnarllymamadesigns
  56. 69 votes for Our Family Collection by lizzieludesign
  57. 68 votes for Family in bloom by angela_sbandelli
  58. 68 votes for Familly_Steampunk by un_temps_de_coton
  59. 68 votes for Home is where the heart is by julia_diane
  60. 68 votes for Dayhix_Family by dayhix
  61. 66 votes for Quiltcompetion by harriet_plumb
  62. 64 votes for The Family Tree-Coordinates by nissalynn
  63. 64 votes for Family of Beavers by laura_kerridge
  64. 64 votes for Home Among the Gumtrees - Coordinates by pinky_wittingslow
  65. 63 votes for Starfish_design_Fat_quartet by house_of_heasman
  66. 63 votes for SF-StoryPatches-Family_Tree by cathy_ann
  67. 62 votes for Forest Fox Family Storypatch by pinkowlet
  68. 61 votes for Shapes-09 by kblack
  69. 59 votes for Story_Patches_Family_Tree_quadrants by maceymack
  70. 57 votes for Sailing & Whaling Co-ordinates by golden_bloxxer
  71. 57 votes for Bunny's family by lapinecurieuse
  72. 56 votes for FamilyTreeCF by joanferns00
  73. 55 votes for scandinavian trendy nursery baby design, strips squares circles dots, geo abstract pattern set, coordinates collection by ekaterinap
  74. 55 votes for (private design)
  75. 55 votes for SOOBLOO_LIFE_S_STORY_WRIT_LARGE-01 by soobloo
  76. 55 votes for Family - Interwoven Stories by dovetail_designs
  77. 54 votes for roadtrip_story by bekahwilk
  78. 53 votes for (private design)
  79. 52 votes for Lovely Purple Hearts and Arrows by katelai
  80. 52 votes for SF-StoryPatches-Coordinates-Template by maya88
  81. 52 votes for Family_of_Dots by beaulle
  82. 52 votes for (private design)
  83. 51 votes for FamilyTree by andalouz
  84. 50 votes for Pets_are_Family_Too by gingercreasy
  85. 50 votes for quilted_with_love by ruthjohanna
  86. 47 votes for Watercolor Family StoryPatches by jessdesigned
  87. 47 votes for Native American Indian Tribe Families by heckadoodledo
  88. 45 votes for Tree Family Coordinates by eclectic_house
  89. 45 votes for Hands of Love by chinaberries_studio
  90. 44 votes for 15-04C Farm Fat Quarters Large Scale 42"_Miss Chiff Designs by misschiffdesigns
  91. 44 votes for (private design)
  92. 43 votes for elephant patches by artminx
  93. 43 votes for Family tree colorful patchwork by svetlana_kononova
  94. 43 votes for Family Unit Story Patches Coordinates by ps:hello_studio
  95. 42 votes for (private design)
  96. 42 votes for Family Is... (StoryPatches Family Tree 4in1) by hootenannit
  97. 41 votes for family_copy by kellymaureen
  98. 41 votes for (private design)
  99. 40 votes for Family Tree Design, large scale, yellow purple orange blue colorful rainbow by amy_g
  100. 38 votes for Creature_families by amanda_jane_textiles
  101. 37 votes for Family_contest by catherine_rose
  102. 37 votes for Eternal Sunshine by seesawboomerang
  103. 36 votes for Quilt or Pillow Panel - Rescue, Angel, Loyal Friend by sherry-savannah
  104. 36 votes for Family Tree Embroidery by amyjeanne_wpg
  105. 35 votes for (private design)
  106. 34 votes for Spoonflower-design-challange by sonalikukreja
  107. 34 votes for (private design)
  108. 33 votes for patches by craftwithcartwright
  109. 32 votes for Hearts__hands_and_minds by fiz
  110. 32 votes for designfinal by safet
  111. 32 votes for Story Patches Family Coordinates by lemonlabdesign
  112. 31 votes for HGAGA by barbaramckibben
  113. 30 votes for LIFE AFTER BABY by bluevelvet
  114. 26 votes for Family Vacay by peek_a_boo_panda
  115. 25 votes for we are all family by keweenawchris
  116. 24 votes for Family Patchwork by pommynewyork
  117. 23 votes for Woodland Families by willowbirdstudio
  118. 22 votes for 05457180 © family tree stripes by sef
  119. 21 votes for Blue Lagoon Patchwork by flutterbi
  120. 21 votes for Storypatch_LCMcD by scifiwritir
  121. 20 votes for Family by ibijau
  122. 20 votes for Dino Family StoryPatches Contest by conor_fr
  123. 19 votes for ps_i_love_you_squared by katawampus
  124. 19 votes for Weathering Family by woolranch
  125. 19 votes for Family_Entry_Mary_Baker by therealmarybaker
  126. 19 votes for DayAtTheBeach by sorn
  127. 18 votes for Family Coordinates by patternsoptional
  128. 18 votes for SF-StoryPatches-Coordinates-Template by hannahhh
  129. 17 votes for Together by tuittu
  130. 17 votes for StoryPatchesEntry by leobean
  131. 15 votes for living_branches_blended_families by blueiris10
  132. 14 votes for Making and sharing memories by mongiesama
  133. 13 votes for Story_Patch_Family_Design_2016 by missy626
  134. 11 votes for (private design)
  135. 9 votes for Celebrating the Women in my Life by b2b
  136. 5 votes for (private design)
  137. 0 votes for Forest Family Frolic by buckwoodsdesignco


Tell Your Quilt Story: Label your quilts with StoryPatches

StoryPatches are ready-to-use labels for your quilts that connect personal video, photos or audio directly to your creation. Every quilt tells a story, and StoryPatches help you preserve that story for family, friends and future generations. Quilts become family heirlooms, no matter how modest, and no quilt is complete without a label!


StoryPatches Family Tree Coordinates Details

  • The deadline for entries is Friday, June 17, 2016 at 3 PM EDT.
  • The winner and the rest of the top ten will be determined by popular vote when votes are tallied on Tuesday, June 28, 2016 at 6 PM EDT.
  • Designs must be original work featuring 4 coordinating designs on one yard of fabric.
  • Designs previously published on the Internet are not eligible for this contest. Designs must be uploaded to a new design slot in your Spoonflower account.
  • Designs will be previewed at 150 DPI in a yard size (42” x 36”) on the voting ballot.
  • Moderation will take place at the close of the contest deadline. Designs that do not include four different designs in the yard view will not be eligible for voting.
  • Need help with design layout? Download our coordinate template and instructions. Still can't get your head around this challenge? Check out one of our previous "coordinate" design challenge winners.


  • 06/01/2016: Submissions open
  • 06/17/2016: Submissions close at 3pm EDT
  • 06/22/2016: Public voting opens
  • 06/28/2016: Public voting ends at 3pm EDT
  • 06/30/2016: Spoonflower will announce the winner

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