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About this design:

Pick a color, any color, and design a monochromatic Duvet Cover. 


Test your design skills in this challenge by using tints (base color + white), shades (base color + black) and tones (base color + gray) of your chosen base color (or hue) to create a monochromatic design. Find inspiration in the Monochrome Moments Design Challenge from 2022, but this time around stay focused on an elevated design that will really shine as a Duvet Cover. 

An Important Note About Your Entry  

Artists must: 
Select a color (hue) to create a monochromatic design by incorporating tints, shades and tone of that chosen base color. 

Artists can: 
Incorporate black and white. 

Artists cannot: 
Introduce other hues in addition to their chosen base color. 

  • Entries close . View the full timeline below.
  • Designs will be viewed as a Duvet on the voting ballot. Acceptable repeat options for this challenge are Basic, Half-Drop, Half-Brick, Mirror.
  • Designs previously uploaded on Spoonflower.com are not eligible for this contest. Designs do not require printed proofing to enter the contest.
  • The popular vote determines the top 100 winning designs. Voters include Spoonflower artists and customers as well as the public.
  • The top 100 designs receive prizes or benefits. View the full prize list below.
  • View the full Terms & Conditions for this challenge.