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The DreamBox, an all-in-one craft room from Create Room, is the ideal haven for any creative person. DreamBox owners love to adorn and decorate their haven for the most joyful crafting experience. This week we're challenging you to create an inspiring pattern to use as the wallpaper backdrop in a DreamBox.


Create Room is on a mission to help people create room in their lives for more joy and fulfillment through creativity, starting with a dedicated workspace. The pattern you create should not only provide visual joy, but should inspire both you and others to create more. As you design, be sure to ask yourself the question, "What would I love to look at everyday while creating?" If your design catches the eye of the Create Room team, you could become the new owner of your very own DreamBox!

Before you start, get to know Create Room, the DreamBox and how the Spoonflower team used Peel-and-Stick Wallpaper to dress up our DreamBox on the blog.

Design tip: For this wallpaper challenge we recommended focusing on non-directional, medium-large scale designs. Learn more about designing for wallpaper here.


  • 1st place winner will receive a Create Room DreamBox ($2,199 value) and $500 in Spoonflower credit.*
  • 2nd place winner will receive a $500 Create Room gift card and $250 in Spoonflower credit.
  • 3rd place winner will receive a $500 Create Room gift card and $125 in Spoonflower credit.
  • The 4th through 7th place winners will receive a $500 Create Room gift card and $75 in Spoonflower credit.
  • The 8th -10th place winners will receive $20 in Spoonflower credit.
  • The top 50 popularly-voted designs from each theme will be automatically made available for sale in the Spoonflower Marketplace (provided they are a verified seller) where they will receive 10% commission on every sale -- no $5 swatch required.
In the event the grand-prize winner is outside of the United States, Canada and Europe, they will receive a $2,100 cash prize and are responsible for all taxes and fees associated with prize receipt and/or use.

Create Room

Built with crafters, creators, and experts in mind.

What began as an effort to help crafters get organized has become a mission to give every creator room to create. Founded in 2005, Create Room is dedicated to providing high quality products and services to help creators everywhere win back their creative time.

Create Room

Create Room Details

  • The deadline for entries is Tuesday, December 1, 2020 at 3 PM EDT.
  • Designs will be previewed as a roll of Spoonflower wallpaper on the voting ballot.
  • All designs will be eligible for public voting, and the popular vote determines the top 50 winning designs.
  • Public designs previously uploaded on are not eligible for this contest. Designs do not require printed proofing to enter the contest.
  • Moderation will take place at the close of the contest deadline.

See Challenge Terms & Conditions


  • 11/06/2020: Submissions open
  • 12/01/2020: Submissions close at 3pm EST
  • 12/03/2020: Public voting opens
  • 12/08/2020: Public voting ends at 3pm EST to determine top 25 entries
  • 12/10/2020: Spoonflower will announce the winner

How to Submit a Design

  1. Log in to Spoonflower. If you don't have an account, create one here.
  2. Once logged into your account, upload the design you wish to enter into the challenge.
  3. Select Create Room from the Challenges Dropdown.

For complete instructions, see the Challenge Terms & Conditions.

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Submit Design

Voting is Open

Vote for your favorite createroomdc designs!

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Frequently Asked Questions

Who can enter?
This contest is open to ALL Spoonflower community members who are 18 years of age as of Tuesday, December 1, 2020. All submitted designs must be the original work of the entrant. Please do not use stock images or base your design on the work of another artist.
How many designs can I enter?
You can enter only ONE DESIGN in this contest. Designs entered in previous Spoonflower contests or public designs previously uploaded to Spoonflower are not eligible.
Can I share my entry on social media and make it available for sale in the Spoonflower Marketplace before voting opens?
The spirit of the Design Challenge is to give a creative prompt that inspires designers to create a new design that speaks specifically to the theme we have selected. Spoonflower is seeking an exclusive set of designs, so all designs should be new to Spoonflower. We absolutely encourage sharing your process and finished design on the web and you can make your challenge entry for sale in the Spoonflower Marketplace, but to ensure that your work is eligible for the challenge, we ask that it is not an existing design from your public portfolio that has been previously uploaded to Spoonflower.
Who will judge the contest?
All designs will be eligible for public voting, and the popular vote determines the top 50 winning designs. The first place winner will be the fabric design with the most votes.
Who can vote?
Anyone can vote (when voting opens on Thursday, December 3, 2020), but only one set of votes may be submitted per individual. Email addresses will be collected from voters. Duplicate votes are filtered using fraud detection software and not counted toward final totals. Designers will be disqualified for incentivizing or compensating votes.
What if I don't want my design to be purchased by other people?
By participating in this contest, you are granting permission to make your design available to the public for voting and you are granting permission for Spoonflower to make your design for sale only if your design finishes in the top 50. Setting your design back to private once you have entered it into the challenge will automatically remove your design from the challenge.
Am I giving up the copyright of my design by entering it?
You are not giving up ownership of your design, but by entering your design in the contest, you give us the non-exclusive right, should your design finish in the top 50, to make it available for sale in the Spoonflower Marketplace per the customary terms of the Spoonflower Marketplace. For any sales generated in the Marketplace, you will receive up to a 15% commission. You will always be credited for your design and you are free to continue to sell it on your own, now and in the future.

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