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Scope out the top Vintage Christmas designs from the Spoonflower and Commonthread Design Challenge! Check back for new design partner challenges monthly.


Get a jump on your holiday crafting – it’s Christmas in August! Our Commonthread Vintage Christmas Design Challenge inspires a fresh take on a classic holiday theme for an exclusive collection of customizable Commonthread stockings. For this challenge, we are looking for a vintage inspired Christmas fabric design that will be transformed into a stocking!


Our grand-prize winner chosen from the popularly-voted top ten receives $350 in cash and their winning design will be licensed for an exclusive collection of customizable Commonthread stockings to be sold this winter. The grand-prize winner also takes home a $100 shopping spree to Commonthread and $350 in Spoondollars. Those voted into second and third place win $100 in Spoonflower and $100 in Commonthread credit, and the rest of the top ten take home $50 in Spoonflower credit and $50 in Commonthread credit. Winners will also be featured in an exclusive press release written by Spoonflower, recognition in Sponsors’ emails, blogs and on social media channels.

The Winner

The rest of the Top 10

The full list of entries and votes

  1. 491 votes for Vintage Christmas // by petite_circus by petite_circus
  2. 453 votes for Christmas birds in snow on mint by heleen_vd_thillart
  3. 435 votes for Vintage Christmas by jill_o_connor
  4. 428 votes for Vintage Woodland Christmas (LARGE) by nouveau_bohemian
  5. 404 votes for Vintage Xmas Ornaments & Animals by leventetladiscorde
  6. 368 votes for Family Gatherings - Large Scale by papercanoefabricshop
  7. 355 votes for vintage ornaments - gray - retro- Christmas holiday-winter by ottomanbrim
  8. 350 votes for 50's Vintage Xmas 4 cats by miyatake_(julie's_fabrics)
  9. 346 votes for Birds and Baubles - Forest Green by elephantandrose
  10. 315 votes for Christmas Balls by happyhappymeowmeow
  11. 310 votes for Ornaments and Mistletoe by tmsurfacedesign
  12. 307 votes for vintage christmas cars holiday xmas christmas fabric tree on car by charlottewinter
  13. 306 votes for Sugarplums by vo_aka_virginiao
  14. 293 votes for Shiny & Bright* by pennycandy
  15. 273 votes for Christmas is where you park it by karismithdesigns
  16. 268 votes for Vintage Christmas by ginamayes
  17. 264 votes for Vintage_Glass_Bird_Ornaments by rickrackscissorsstudio
  18. 264 votes for (private design)
  19. 263 votes for Christmas trees by revista
  20. 261 votes for White_Christmas by j9design
  21. 259 votes for Vintage Ornament Collection - Gold/Blue by ceciliamok
  22. 253 votes for Vintage_Christmas_Toys by jo_barry
  23. 246 votes for Vintage Christmas Presents by martamunte
  24. 235 votes for vintage nordic christmas by laura_may_designs
  25. 235 votes for Snow Lights by technoplastique
  26. 229 votes for A Vintage Christmas by cjldesigns
  27. 229 votes for Vintage Christmas candy by marta_strausa
  28. 229 votes for Vintage Ornaments by lisa_kubenez
  29. 226 votes for Vintage Sleds (Festive) by brendazapotosky
  30. 221 votes for deck_the_halls by treefishjane
  31. 220 votes for Winter Pine Tree Forest (Christmas) by clairekalinadesigns
  32. 220 votes for Winter Wonders Ogee by dunnspun
  33. 215 votes for calzadinatale by gaiamarfurt
  34. 205 votes for Vintage Bells by cathleenbronsky
  35. 204 votes for Vintage Holiday Ornaments by tarynosaurus
  36. 199 votes for mid-century mischief by lynnbishopdesign
  37. 197 votes for vintage christmas trailers on red by lilcubby
  38. 197 votes for Reindeer Retro by slumbermonkey
  39. 196 votes for Snowy Mittens by ninmah
  40. 195 votes for Vintage Christmas Tree Farm by amandabergen
  41. 191 votes for Vintage Christmas Deer and Birds by Angel Gerardo by angelger28
  42. 188 votes for Santa_Baby-01 by kerryn_art
  43. 187 votes for Season of Snow by robyriker
  44. 187 votes for nana's christmas cookies by pattyryboltdesigns
  45. 187 votes for Vintage Christmas Embroidery by thread_sa
  46. 184 votes for A Vintage Christmas by mariafaithgarcia
  47. 182 votes for vintage ornaments by laura_mooney
  48. 181 votes for vintage christmas animals by tiffany_w_
  49. 181 votes for BusyBirds by radiocat
  50. 177 votes for Vintage_SNOWMEN_FaithFriendsFamilyGiftsDeco200 by doodledoer-teresakelly
  51. 174 votes for Retro Holiday Miscellany by imaginaryanimal
  52. 171 votes for Vintage Snowy Christmas Ornaments by littleknids
  53. 169 votes for Holiday Ornaments by gracedesign
  54. 168 votes for Christmas Robins Roses and Mistletoe by angie_spurgeon
  55. 167 votes for Meowy Christmas Cats by actuallycharming
  56. 166 votes for Christmas Traditions by dearchickie
  57. 160 votes for Christmas Pine Cones by lburleighdesigns
  58. 159 votes for Cats_Vintage_Christmas by grvan
  59. 159 votes for vintage_christmas by pam_ash_designs
  60. 158 votes for Straw Christmas by mariaspeyer
  61. 157 votes for Vintage Christmas by erijoyjoy
  62. 154 votes for RSUD_VintageChristmas by rsuniquedesigns
  63. 151 votes for Vintage Christmas: What's in Grandma's Christmas box? medium version, ID: 5646653 by cleolovescolor
  64. 145 votes for SOOBLOO_CHRISTMAS_20_XY-01 by soobloo
  65. 142 votes for Christmas Forest with stars by polita
  66. 140 votes for Vintage Christmas by wildnotions
  67. 135 votes for Snow Retro (silver) by seesawboomerang
  68. 133 votes for Poinsettia by innamoreva
  69. 130 votes for Paper_Lanterns by wink&smile
  70. 126 votes for Vintage Gift Design by gsonge
  71. 123 votes for Modern Vintage Christmas by cherilyncolbert
  72. 122 votes for Merry Moosemas by vanilla_house_designs
  73. 119 votes for Christmas cross-stitch by olgart
  74. 118 votes for 16-23N Jumbo Vintage Christmas Ornaments Large|| Holiday Gold Blue Teal Green Black_Miss Chiff Designs by misschiffdesigns
  75. 117 votes for Vintage Santa by sunshinehandcraft
  76. 113 votes for Hand drawn Christmas by lprspr
  77. 101 votes for Vintage Christmas Pink by bruxamagica
  78. 92 votes for Vintage Reindeer by retroagogo
  79. 88 votes for RetroOrnaments5 by wooden_apple
  80. 83 votes for (private design)
  81. 83 votes for Vintage Christmas Baubles by beedenhamart
  82. 81 votes for Christmas Farm Trip by pixabo
  83. 80 votes for Vintage Christmas baubles by colour_angel_by_kv
  84. 74 votes for vintageornaments by jstemps
  85. 72 votes for Retro Christmas Balls and Bells by retrorudolphs
  86. 68 votes for Merry Christmas ! by michelle_luu
  87. 63 votes for 'Twas the Night Before Christmas by worldofmiyo
  88. 58 votes for Christmas Tale by mzwonko
  89. 55 votes for (private design)
  90. 38 votes for Snowy Day Snow Globes by paper_and_frill
  91. 29 votes for Vintage_Collage by pharmgirlkat


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Commonthread Vintage Christmas - Finals Details

  • Check out our blog post and Pinterest board for more design inspiration.
  • The deadline for entries is Friday, August 12, 2016 at 3 PM EDT.
  • Commonthread and Spoonflower will curate 100 designs from all submitted entries to be eligible for public voting.
  • Designs will be previewed at 150 DPI in a fat quarter size (21” x 18”) on the voting ballot.
  • Commonthread will choose a grand prize winner from the popularly-voted top ten designs.
  • Designs previously published on the Internet are not eligible for this contest. Designs must be uploaded to a new design slot in your Spoonflower account. Designs do not require printed proofing to enter the contest.
  • Moderation will take place at the close of the contest deadline.


  • 08/01/2016: Submissions open
  • 08/12/2016: Submissions close at 3pm EDT
  • 08/17/2016: Public voting opens
  • 08/23/2016: Public voting ends at 3pm EDT
  • 08/25/2016: Spoonflower will announce the winner

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