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For this week’s challenge, dream up a design featuring your favorite circus snack ( sans sticky fingers!). Black and white are optional, and you must use at least 2 of the following colors: Red (#FE0000), Sea Foam Green (#A8E5BA), Orange (#FE8000), Saffron (#F7B32C) or Lapis Lazuli (#2464AB). Transparent variations will not be accepted.


Ladies and gentlemen, step right up to the greatest design show on Earth! Grab your peanuts and cotton candy because we’re heading under the big top with our July design challenge partners, Operation Shower®! While there’s no limit to your creativity, this month’s challenge will highlight four different limited color palettes to coordinate with Operation Shower’s August circus inspired baby shower! As a big top bonus, all of the top 3 winners from each design challenge in July will automatically be in the running to be selected as a featured design at Operation’s Shower Under the Big Top baby shower during the PGA TOUR's The Northern Trust tournament.


  • 1 first place winner each week (4 total, 1 per theme) will receive a $200 Spoonflower credit.
  • The 2nd place (4 total, 1 per theme) winner will receive a $100 Spoonflower credit.
  • 3rd place (4 total, 1 per theme) winner will receive a $50 Spoonflower credit.
  • Remaining top 10 designs will receive a $20 Spoonflower credit. The top 25 popularly-voted designs from each theme (100 total, 25 per theme) will be automatically made available for sale in the Spoonflower Marketplace (provided they are a verified seller) where they will receive 10% commission on every sale -- no $5 swatch required.
  • In addition, each of the top 3 winners from each design challenge (12 total, 3 per theme) in July will automatically be in the running to be selected as a featured fabric design at Operation’s Shower Under the Big Top baby shower during the PGA TOUR's The Northern Trust tournament. Designs to be featured will be chosen by Operation Shower event designers and featured fabric designs will receive standard Spoonflower commission rates.

The Winner


The rest of the Top 10

The full list of entries and votes

  1. 203 votes for CIRCUS FOOD CARTS by bzbdesigner
  2. 176 votes for CIRCUS TREATS by nadinewestcott
  3. 174 votes for circus snacks by cjldesigns
  4. 172 votes for Pop, Pop, Popcorn! by vo_aka_virginiao
  5. 167 votes for Animal Crackers by lellobird
  6. 157 votes for Yummy treats under the big top by lilalunis
  7. 149 votes for Under the Big Top by ximena_designs
  8. 145 votes for Circus Snacks by lisa_kubenez
  9. 144 votes for (private design)
  10. 140 votes for Micro Scale - Circus Sweets and Treats by seriouslynerdy
  11. 136 votes for Pick your circus treat // lapis lazuli background white cotton candy red saffron & orange fruits ice creams & lollipops sea foam green stars by selmacardoso
  12. 134 votes for happy summer treats - blue by bubbledog
  13. 129 votes for Circus Treats by robyriker
  14. 128 votes for circusnack by gaiamarfurt
  15. 127 votes for Le Cirque Cafe ~ Blackboard Menu by digitallove
  16. 126 votes for Candy Apple Feast by orangefancy
  17. 125 votes for For Lil' Peanuts by xoxotique
  18. 124 votes for (private design)
  19. 116 votes for circus_cake_pops by glitterstreet
  20. 111 votes for Give me all the snacks! by nuk
  21. 110 votes for big top treats pattern by kostolom3000
  22. 108 votes for cupcakes by holaholga
  23. 104 votes for Hold still and open your mouth by ghouk
  24. 100 votes for the delicious circus by analinea
  25. 99 votes for Pretzel by graceful
  26. 98 votes for Palatable Postage by miaclarke
  27. 95 votes for (private design)
  28. 94 votes for Big top treats Circus by appaloosa_designs
  29. 94 votes for treats and mice by angela_sbandelli
  30. 93 votes for Fun Fare by ravenous
  31. 92 votes for Food Circus! by pinkowlet
  32. 89 votes for Carnival Foods by jadegordon
  33. 89 votes for Circus Snacks by t_n_penguin
  34. 85 votes for Goobers by gray___
  35. 84 votes for Morocco in Ice Blue by gingerlique
  36. 83 votes for circus cookies by scrummy
  37. 81 votes for Summer sweets by elena_naylor
  38. 80 votes for 06540278 © lollipops + candy corn by sef
  39. 80 votes for Kawaii Circus Treats by robinskarbek
  40. 79 votes for The Best Bit! by sarahparr
  41. 79 votes for Snack Bar - Blue by heatherdutton
  42. 76 votes for Snacks at the Circus by diseminger
  43. 73 votes for Friendly Circus Treats by corinnarencreative
  44. 71 votes for Circus_Treats Popcorn butter by colour_angel_by_kv
  45. 70 votes for Concession Stand by chris_jorge
  46. 68 votes for Circus Snacks by debbie_monson
  47. 66 votes for Cotton Candy Pop Stars by lauraflorencedesign
  48. 64 votes for LBo_Treats by lbolin
  49. 63 votes for Vintage circus popcorn treat by lucybaribeau
  50. 61 votes for Circus Sweet Eats by jolynart
  51. 60 votes for Treats by everhigh
  52. 60 votes for Ice Cream Spoon by cathleenbronsky
  53. 58 votes for (private design)
  54. 58 votes for Sugar Candy Circus by stitchyrichie
  55. 57 votes for Big Top Treats by fatcat_designs
  56. 57 votes for Ice Creams - Mint by ceciliamok
  57. 56 votes for Circus POP-corn Plushie by helenpdesigns
  58. 55 votes for Get your Peanuts ! Circus Treats! by franbail
  59. 52 votes for Corn dog chevron, that's right, you heard me. by beesocks
  60. 52 votes for Circus Treats Medium by fancyjackdesigns
  61. 51 votes for (private design)
  62. 48 votes for Circus Food by svaeth
  63. 47 votes for Hot dogs by chihuahuashower
  64. 47 votes for Big Top Treats by zdesign
  65. 43 votes for (private design)
  66. 42 votes for Big Top Treats by meowandcraft
  67. 42 votes for (private design)
  68. 42 votes for Backyard Circus by kimruss@thatcatart
  69. 41 votes for circus_treats_8 by leroyj
  70. 40 votes for circus donuts by booboo_collective
  71. 40 votes for Fast Food Fiasco by seesawboomerang
  72. 40 votes for circus treats by lanrete58
  73. 40 votes for (private design)
  74. 39 votes for Circus Treat Parade by hootenannit
  75. 38 votes for Circus Snacks Badges by kateluxionart
  76. 37 votes for Circus Treats by artonfabric
  77. 37 votes for Big Top Treats by irishamamonovaart
  78. 37 votes for Circus Treats by jjtrends
  79. 37 votes for Circus snack by olgart
  80. 36 votes for Popcorn Everywhere: Fun Fair Food by twilfley
  81. 36 votes for Treats by sonja_stojcevski
  82. 36 votes for Circus-Retreat-flat by nicke3
  83. 36 votes for Elephants Love Peanuts by gnarllymamadesigns
  84. 35 votes for Circus Treats by floramoon
  85. 35 votes for Circus Snack by from_palam_to_idle_wild
  86. 34 votes for The Happiest Popcorn on Earth by moonpuff
  87. 33 votes for Popcorn Madness - White by whyitsme_design
  88. 32 votes for big_treats by madhushri
  89. 31 votes for circus_treats-01 by pinkfez
  90. 31 votes for Caramel Apples by ally_the_junebug
  91. 30 votes for Popcorn Carts by thewellingtonboot
  92. 29 votes for popcorn by nesting_patch_
  93. 29 votes for Colorful Circus Food Treats Blue by anderson_designs
  94. 29 votes for Circus Snacks by boissindesign
  95. 27 votes for big_top_treats by ecs-designs
  96. 27 votes for Big Top Cupcakes by little_miss_alexandra
  97. 25 votes for Big Top Treats Popcorn by flutterbi
  98. 24 votes for Circus_snacks_on_Cobalt_Blue Medium Scale by sylviaoh
  99. 24 votes for Happy circussnacks by boolieq
  100. 24 votes for Cotton Candy Red by pond_ripple
  101. 24 votes for Peanut Stripes by sufficiency
  102. 24 votes for Peanuts at the circus by leashtotheworld
  103. 23 votes for popcorn2 by elisa_muraglia
  104. 23 votes for kawaii_circus_treats_green by quizzicalkittydesigns
  105. 21 votes for (private design)
  106. 20 votes for (private design)
  107. 20 votes for Chaotic circus party popcorn by zandloopster
  108. 19 votes for Pattern by rhoswen_arctic
  109. 19 votes for Retro Circus Snacks by pixabo
  110. 18 votes for Pop_corn_Big_Top_Treat by snarets
  111. 18 votes for Floral snacks by dariara
  112. 17 votes for Cake by palusalu
  113. 15 votes for circus_popcorn_cotton_candy_ice_cream_and_lollipops by photofab
  114. 14 votes for Circus Snacks by b2b
  115. 14 votes for Cotton Candy by neonkittyn
  116. 13 votes for heavy_popcorn_ by pookeek
  117. 12 votes for Popcorn Moiré by enid_a
  118. 12 votes for Circus_Treats by sandracarrano
  119. 11 votes for Circus Food & Fun by littlebittyprints
  120. 11 votes for Me and You Snacks by menny
  121. 10 votes for IMG_0262 by theredheadedcamel
  122. 10 votes for ice cream cones by female_farmer
  123. 8 votes for Lions, Monkeys, and Bears! Oh, My! by ideaworks
  124. 7 votes for op art by m101tom
  125. 6 votes for Big Top - treats by kae50
  126. 6 votes for Peanuts_and_Popcorn_and_Cotton_Candy__Yum_ by gin0531
  127. 4 votes for Get Your Cotton Candy! by bent_line_designs
  128. 4 votes for Circus Treats by krystalsavage
  129. 2 votes for nf by brooke5

Big Top Treats Limited Color Palette Operation Shower Details

  • The deadline for entries is Tuesday, July 18, 2017 at 3 PM EDT.
  • Designs will be previewed at 150 DPI in a fat quarter size (21” x 18”) on the voting ballot.
  • All designs will be eligible for public voting, and the popular vote determines the top 25 winning designs.
  • Public designs previously uploaded on are not eligible for this contest. Designs do not require printed proofing to enter the contest.
  • Moderation will take place at the close of the contest deadline.
  • See our blog page for even more Design Challenge details and a list of previous themes.


  • 06/02/2017: Submissions open
  • 07/18/2017: Submissions close at 3pm EDT
  • 07/20/2017: Public voting opens
  • 07/25/2017: Public voting ends at 3pm EDT
  • 07/27/2017: Spoonflower will announce the winner

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