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Close up image of pillows made from Cypress Cotton Canvas with designs by

Cypress Cotton Canvas is a 100% cotton upholstery and home decor fabric featuring a sophisticated basketweave structure. Printed with our eco-friendly Prima-Color pigment technology, this fabric offers rich color, fine detail and an enviable gently weathered look after the first wash. Whether updating an entire sofa or simply refreshing your throw pillows, Cypress Cotton Canvas is an exceptional natural cotton choice for upholstery and custom accents for every room in the house.

Sophisticated basketweave texture offers lived-in luxury for upholstery, bags and home decor


Machine wash warm or cool on a gentle/delicate setting, using phosphate-free detergent. Machine dry on a low temperature setting. Iron on the reverse side of the fabric. Because this fabric is pretreated, washing before use is recommended.

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Man sitting at computer with digital design of drawn artwork.

Design Your Own Cypress Cotton Canvas

  • Create a design using any digital image
  • Instant online preview & layout tool lets you see your fabric before you order
  • Order your own designs and automatically receive at least 10% off with our Everyday Designer Discount ($29.70/yard)
Design Your Own
Layout of 5 multi-colored Cypress Cotton Canvas printed fabrics from Spoonflower.

Shop Designs on Cypress Cotton Canvas

  • Shop the largest online marketplace of independent designs for Cypress Cotton Canvas fabric
  • Designers receive commission on every order
  • Marketplace designs are $33.00/yard
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Image of a playmat made from Cypress Cotton Canvas.

Playmat and bag in Cypress Cotton Canvas
Featuring map design by heleen_vd_thillart and bag design by heatherdutton

Image of a child playing with stuffed toys on a playmat made from Cypress Cotton Canvas.

Playmat and stuffed toys
Featuring map and car designs by heleen_vd_thillart and bag design by heatherdutton.

Photo of plant pots on a stand

Double-sided plant pots
Featuring designs by amyjpeg, holli_zollinger, and lemonni.

An image of a bench and pillows covered in Cypress Cotton Canvas.

Re-covered bench and pillows in Cypress Cotton Canvas
Featuring designs by kate_rowley, j_e_c_scott, mariaspeyer, frumafar, and michellemathis

Full sized image of woman standing outside on a fall day holding a Cypress Cotton Canvas tote bag

Tote bag
Featuring designs by tarynosaurus and holli_zollinger

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