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Spoonflower Design Challenge: Lion-Lamb

Lion Lamb Designs

Spoonflower Design Challenge: March 06, 2013

This year, March is coming in with both lions and lambs! For our most recent contest we asked designers to create fabrics that included lambs and lions. Our winner is the talented UK designer Alex Morgan (<a href="">Spellstone</a>). Those of you working on baby quilts, take note: for the next week you can buy a quarter yard of the winning design along with the rest of the top ten for a special price on our <a href="">Fat Quarter Bundle page</a>. Offer ends on March 13, 2013!

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Tortoise and the Hare

Rspeedy_vs_sleepy_peri_2018_02_21_shop_thumb Rrtortoise_and_hare_8r_shop_thumb Rrrrrrrrrrrrrrtort-n-hare_halfdroprept_v7-fnl-01-smallr_shop_thumb Rrbookstortoiseandhare_shop_thumb

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