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Fat Quarter Bundle

Frequently we hold Design Challenges built around a different theme. When the dust settles and the votes are counted, we post the top ten fabrics from the previous challenge. Now for the first time you can buy all ten of the top designs from the previous challenge as a fat quarter bundle! Price: $62.50.

Each quarter yard of fabric (21" x 18") in our fat quarter bundle is printed on Kona® Cotton Ultra. The bundle itself is stacked and wrapped in a lovely ribbon. Purchased individually, fat quarters normally cost $11.00. But purchasers of our contest-themed fat quarter bundle get ten designs for a special price of $62.50. The hitch? Each contest top ten bundle is available for a week only, until the results of the next contest are announced. You'll be glad to know that the designer of each fabric receives a full, un-discounted commission. No design substitutions allowed.

Please note that digitally printed fabric is more delicate than conventional fabric. The fabric in your fat quarter bundle is washable and dry-cleanable but we recommend hand-washing with a neutral detergent in cold water. No hand scrubbing. Air dry.

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