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Selling Custom Fabric At Spoonflower

Before You Start

You can only sell fabric, wallpaper and gift wrap on Spoonflower once you have uploaded designs. If you are curious about that process, you can start here.

Overview Of Selling

The Spoonflower Marketplace lets you sell fabric, wallpaper and gift wrap with your original designs and earn up to 15% of the sale price when your design is purchased by other people.

Any design you make available for sale must first have been proofed by you. "Proofing" simply means that you have to have ordered the design you want to sell as a swatch (or in any other amount). Once proofed, making a design available for sale is as simple as choosing your preview and adding descriptive information.

When someone purchases your design, you'll be notified in the 'recent activity' news items on your personal home page, the page you see when you log in to Spoonflower. Spoonflower prints the product, ships it to the buyer, and takes care of any customer service questions the buyer may have. One month after the purchase -- to allow time for the product to arrive and to make sure the buyer is a happy customer -- your earnings will appear as 'Spoondollars' in your account. Spoondollars can be used towards Spoonflower purchases or be redeemed via Paypal per the section of our terms of service titled 'Marketplace Seller Agreement '.

Here are the steps in detail:

1. Order Proofs and Upload Revisions

Any fabric, wallpaper or gift wrap you have ordered qualifies as a proof of that design. If you have already ordered a product with the design you want to sell and you are happy with how they look, you can skip ahead to step 3. If you've worked with printed products before, you know that the colors you see on your computer screen may come out differently when printed. Checking color, image resolution and repeat size are all important parts of the proofing process. Before a shopper buys your design you will want to make sure the product represents your vision in a way that satisfies you.

Once you receive your fabric, wallpaper or gift wrap, if you need to tweak some aspect of your design you can do so and then upload the revision. We do not require that you order a second proof. You can upload a revised file at any time, even after your design is available for sale. Your revised design will retain all its original comments, favorites, and order history.

Here's how to upload a revision:

Note: Uploading a revision will replace the original design file in your account. Spoonflower makes a press-ready copy of the design file each time a design is ordered. Orders placed from the moment you upload a revision forward will be printed from the new file. Orders that were already in processing when you uploaded the revision will NOT be printed from your revised file. Once you place an order the only way to change the file that will be printed is to write to and request that the order be cancelled, then to start over.

2. Make Your Designs Available For Sale

Once you've received your proofs, reviewed colors and layout, and feel happy with the result, you can make each design available for sale.

Here's how:

3. Get Notified When Designs Sell

You will automatically receive a notification on your home page (the page you see after you log in to Spoonflower) under 'recent activity' whenever one of your designs sells. If it sells to a registered Spoonflower member, the notification will show the design that sold and a message like, 'ColorCat purchased fabric with this design about 1 day ago. Send a thank you?' The thank you link opens up a message box where you can write and send a quick thank you note through the Spoonflower message system if you'd like to do so.

4. Earn up to a 15% Spoondollar Commission On Fabric, Wallpaper and Gift Wrap Sold With Your Designs

On sales of your designs, you earn up to a 15% commission. You can view the details of your Spoondollar commissions by clicking on 'my account' at the upper left of any Spoonflower page, and then clicking on the 'Spoondollars' tab. Your Spoondollar earnings become available in your account one month a fter the transaction date to allow for any issues or returns associated with the order to be finalized.

5. Spend Spoondollars On Spoonflower

If you would like to use your Spoondollar balance as credit against a purchase, simply place items in your shopping cart. When you are in your shopping cart, you will see a box at the top of the page informing you of your available balance and enabling you to apply some or all of it to your purchase.

6. Redeem Spoondollars Into Your Paypal Account

If you want to receive your Spoondollar balance as a payment, you can supply your Paypal account information to us by clicking on 'my account' at the upper left of the screen, and then clicking on the 'Spoondollars' tab. Every two weeks, we will pay the balance into your account as long as the amount is above $10.

Thanks for participating in the Spoonflower marketplace. Good luck!