Spoonflower Handbook
Spoonflower Handbook
Spoonflower Handbook
Spoonflower Handbook
Spoonflower Handbook
Spoonflower Handbook

Spoonflower Handbook

A DIY Guide to Designing Fabric & Wallpaper

The Spoonflower Handbook puts surface design for fabric and wallpaper well within the reach of creative people everywhere. Today anyone with a computer, Internet connection, and idea can upload a file and, at modest cost, order their own fabric or paper, printed one yard at a time. At the forefront of this revolutionary DIY movement is Spoonflower, producing designs for hundreds of thousands of creative people worldwide — printing 24 hours a day/seven days a week to keep up with demand. Written for both new and experienced users of this print-on-demand technology, it covers everything from equipment to software to working with photos, scans, repeats, and vector files, and includes projects for the home and wardrobe as well as special tutorials contributed by members of the Spoonflower community.
Note that the book is available in English only.
By Stephen Fraser, Judi Ketteler, and Becka Rahn, 207 pages



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Sample Sections

  • Design with Found Objects

    A collection of objects (like feathers or stamps or recipes) and a scanner can be all you need to get started, without having to worry about about your drawing skills.

  • Design with Photos

    Photos are another easy way to get inspiration for a design—and they are plentiful! Whatever a camera can capture, you can translate into a cool surface design.

  • Design with Drawings, Paintings & Prints

    The drawings your kids create, the doodles and sketches that come from your imagination, the vintage postcard—it’s all teeming with design possibility!

  • Design with Words, Text & Layers

    In this chapter, we introduce the ideas of working with text and working in layers, which means creating the different parts of a design as separate elements.

  • All-Digital Designs

    We head in a slightly different direction in this chapter and teach you how to work with vector-based images—artwork created solely on the computer.

  • Design Cut & Sew and Whole Cloth

    Here we introduce a technique called “whole cloth” design or “whole surface” design, because your design takes up the entirety of what you are printing, without repeating.

I am so excited to create something wonderful. The book is laid out step by step how to create your own one of a kind projects with your own designed fabrics. Thanks Spoonflower.

- Ellen, Verified Purchaser

Good explanation. This book takes you step by step through the fabric designing process for beginners. It also explains in detail what’s involved and Spoonflower’s printing process.

- S. Marshall, Verified Purchaser

A nice guide to designing your own fabric to be printed by Spoonflower. The sample projects were very interesting and gave me some great ideas for my projects.

- A. Edwards, Verified Purchaser

Perfect for a design hobbyist. This book really helps to decide how to use the Spoonflower site to design fabric, gift-wrap and wallpaper. It has helpful, basic design tips for the novice…

- A. Teeny, Verified Purchaser

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