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Spoonflower Design Challenge: Pencil Case Cut and Sew

Pencil Case Cut And Sew Designs

Spoonflower Design Challenge: August 28, 2013

How do you get ready for a brand new year at school, and leave the fun and free days of summer behind you? At Spoonflower HQ, we've combed our hair, put on our first-day-of-school outfits, and stitched up our very own pencil case! These fun and quirky designs are sure to brighten the day of any kid that's not too keen about hitting the books. Congratulations to Emma Denson of the UK, and the rest of the top ten!

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Folk Art Tea Towel

Rfolk-art-teatowel-teszt_shop_thumb Rrfolk-toys_shop_thumb Rfolkart-tt-border-aqua-27x18-150dpi_shop_thumb Rrfolkteatowel2_shop_thumb

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