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Spoonflower's Shipping Update

Nugget is a modular, infinitely configurable play couch for little ones, and their team is looking for a repeating non-directional pattern featuring bright, color-blocked shapes to turn into a limited edition Spoonflower x Nugget couch. Just like the kiddos who create forts or reading nooks with their couch, your geometric design should fit nicely into multiple room styles.


What’s bright, bold and fun all over? A Nugget couch featuring the winning design in this week’s challenge, of course! Spoonflower is thrilled to partner with Nugget, a North Carolina-based furniture company during March for the Nugget Couch Design Challenge. For this special design challenge, the Nugget team is asking the talented Spoonflower designer community to join in their design planning of a special limited-edition patterned Nugget coming later this year.

The winning design, handpicked by Nugget from the popularly voted top 50, will receive a $500 cash prize and be featured on a Nugget Couch coming later this year!

Three important notes about your Nugget Design Challenge Entry:

The winning design will be limited to no more than eight colors during Nugget production so please limit your entry to no more than eight colors. Due to the cut-and-sew nature of Nugget manufacturing, your design challenge entry should be non-directional. *The Nugget team will work directly with the winning designer to get their design ready for Nugget’s printing process and to determine a licensing agreement. The winning design cannot be sold outside of Spoonflower, Roostery and Nugget.

Before you get started, learn more about Nugget and get to know the Nugget customer!


  • 1st place winner will receive a $500 cash prize from Nugget Comfort, which will also serve as the licensing fee to be featured on a Nugget Couch coming late 2020. Winner will also receive a Nugget couch featuring their winning design ($249 value), $200 in Spoonflower credit, along with additional exposure in Spoonflower and Nugget email newsletters, professional photography of products featuring their design, and social media mentions, the extent of which shall be in the Sponsors’ discretion.
  • 2nd place winner will receive a $100 Spoonflower credit and $229 Nugget Gift Card.
  • 3rd place winner will receive a $50 Spoonflower credit and $50 Nugget Gift Card.
  • Remaining top 10 designs will receive a $20 Spoonflower credit. The top 50 popularly-voted designs from each theme will be automatically made available for sale in the Spoonflower Marketplace (provided they are a verified seller) where they will receive 10% commission on every sale -- no $5 swatch required.

The Winner

The rest of the Top 53



Furniture for growing imaginations.

Named one of CNBC "hottest toys for the holidays", the Nugget four-piece portable kids couch by Nugget is the toy-furniture hybrid that parents are calling the best kid item they have ever purchased for their kids. Made of open-cell foam (covered by a soft, washable microsuede fabric) and designed to withstand whatever kids can throw at it, the North Carolina-based company has won the hearts of kids and parents all over the country.


Nugget Couch Details

  • The deadline for entries is Tuesday, March 17, 2020 at 3 PM EDT.
  • Designs will be previewed at 150 DPI in a fat quarter size (21” x 18”) on the voting ballot.
  • All designs will be eligible for public voting, and the popular vote determines the top 50 winning designs.
  • Public designs previously uploaded on are not eligible for this contest. Designs do not require printed proofing to enter the contest.
  • Moderation will take place at the close of the contest deadline.


  • 02/13/2020: Submissions open
  • 03/17/2020: Submissions close at 3pm EDT
  • 03/19/2020: Public voting opens
  • 03/24/2020: Public voting ends at 3pm EDT to determine top 25 entries
  • 03/26/2020: Spoonflower will announce the winner

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