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Take a break from the hustle and bustle we experience this time of year and slow things down with this week’s Danish inspired theme. Hygge is all about a warm and charming moment in time. We suggest layering on on your coziest pair of handmade wool socks before grabbing your design tool of choice as you hunker down to create a repeating design highlighting your hygge essentials.


In the midst of holiday making, hosting dinner parties and baking cookies to the point of losing track of how many dozen you’ve made, it’s easy to see why this time of the year can fly by. Escape the busyness of the holidays, even if just for a few hours, with the November design challenge. Whether it’s limited color palettes or larger than life designs, your hardest challenge this month will be remembering to get back to your to-do list!
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  • Designs will be viewed as a Fabric on the voting ballot. Acceptable repeat options for this challenge are Basic, Half-Drop, Half-Brick, Mirror, Center.
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