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The 1920s brought about the birth of the Jazz Age, iconic dance moves and the inspiration for this week’s design challenge: Art Deco. This luxurious and modern style of art incorporates streamlined symmetry and geometrics for a classic look. Think big for this week’s Art Deco challenge, because all entries will be previewed on one of Roostery’s newest products, the Wyandotte Duvet Cover.


If “create more art” was one of your New Year’s resolutions, February’s design challenges will be just the thing you need to keep the inspiration flowing. Cuddly creatures, limited color palettes and a challenge inspired by Roostery’s newest product line will kick your resolution into high gear and keep you on track. Sharpen your pencils, charge up those tablets and start those design engines!
  • Entries close . View the full timeline below.
  • Designs will be viewed as a Sheet Set on the voting ballot. Acceptable repeat options for this challenge are Basic, Half-Drop, Half-Brick, Mirror, Center.
  • Public designs previously uploaded on Spoonflower.com are not eligible for this contest. Designs do not require printed proofing to enter the contest.
  • The popular vote determines the top 10 winning designs. Voters include Spoonflower artists and customers as well as the public.
  • The top 10 designs receive prizes or benefits. View the full prize list below.
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