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Spoonflower Design Challenge: Staff Challenge 2 Contest

Staff Challenge 2 Contest Designs

Spoonflower Design Challenge: March 21, 2012

Our Staff Challenge contest has created a slew of cool new decorations for our already-colorful office. The winners? None other than Darci and Tim, who concocted a madly ambitious project that required placing over 100 individual LED lights onto a stunning world map printed on linen-cotton canvas and stretched onto a frame. Read more about <a href="">Map Takes Cake In Staff Craft Smackdown</a> and <a href=""> see how all the projects and designs were made</a>.

Top 10 Staff Challenge 2 Contest Designs

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Indoor Garden Wall Hangings

Block_printed_pot_plants_%7c_marrakesh_terracotta_and_black_block_print_plants%2c_house_plants%2c_botanical%2c_north_africa%2c_morocco%2c_moroccan_print. Suspended_garden Hens_and_chicks_succulents The_cat_and_the_moon

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