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All designs by Joan Caronil

Just a Mediterrenean creative spirit, with love for the Nature, the Environment & Biodiversity, seeking to offer a naive vision of aesthetics, and share this own point of view through different designs. Tending to be natural, colorful and passionate.

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During ancient times, while the Ottoman Empire powerfully ruled the Oriental Mediterranean and the Middle East, come this collection inspired in the Essences and Spices, the values of Nature, the old artisan traditions and the Silk Route. The old Marbling techniques known as Ebru, the creation of awesome embroideries by the Ottoman artisans together with the Iznik tiles colours, in a symphony of delicacy. Expressing the values of plants and flowers since remote times. The Ottoman Flowers that were cultivated in the Ottoman Gardens, in Turkish, Osmanlı çiçekleri :-) . Fifteen Flowers, Fifteen plants that changed the history of humanity...The Rose, The Peony, The Sahlep, The Daffodil, The Iris, The Saffron, The Muscari, The Fritillaria, The Carnation, The Marigold, The Tulip, The Cyclamen, The Lily, The Hyacinth and The Artichoke. The magical city of Istanbul, ancient crossroad of cultures, known as the door to Asia and to the mysterious Middle East, offers a wide range of feelings and emotions I would like to express through these designs. The geometrical windows in some mosques, houses and palaces, that lock the dawn ligh expressing them in different colours in geometrical shapes full of deep thoughts and emotions. Istanbul a magical city that never sleeps, offering the magnificence of its cultural inheritance and treasures to the world. The strategic and beautiful geographical basement, offers a magnificent view from the Topkapi Palace. This, together with the city life, inspired me to create this floral collection. The Ottoman Roses, which oil and perfume were used in the Harem. The Ottoman Saffron, that provides flavour and colour in Palace's dishes. The Ottoman Tulip, national flower and emblem of Turkey. The Ottoman Marigold, growing in the gardens and used in traditional medicine as well as the Calendula sp.. The Ottoman Peony, magnificent perfumed expression of exquisite delicacy in Spring. The Ottoman Sahlep, from which is obtained an unique warm tasteful Turkish beverage. The Ottoman Lily...grace, pure and delicacy for a woman expression of the beauty in an Ottoman Garden. The Ottoman Iris, growing in the gardens and used as decoration plant and in medicine too. The Ottoman Artichoke, cultivar and delicious in many dishes. The Ottoman Muscari that offers at the end of the Winter a wonderful path way to the Spring. The Ottoman Hyacinth, aroma, perfume and essences obtained from this incredible plant. The Ottoman Fritillaria...plant of kings growing in vast territories and expressing the power and strength. The flowers of Turkey and its nature, the Ottoman flowers inspired during centuries various artists, offering a vast background of art among the centuries the Ottoman Empire ruled. Artists expressed their feelings through delicate and exquisite miniatures, pottery, glass-work, tiles, ceramics, embroideries, fabrics, jewellery and other various art-works. In this collection got mainly inspired by four colours: The Turquoise blue, the Lapis blue, the Crimson red, and the Emerald green. The colours of the Iznik Turkish tiles combined with an uncomplicated Turkish art of marbling, Ebru. These colours, Ebru Art, Iznik tiles, Ottoman flowers and the inspiration of the city of Istanbul and the Topkapi Palace, made me create this watercolour and Chinese ink collection, hopping that you will like it :-)

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