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About Us

At Spoonflower, we offer premium wallpaper, fabric and home decor that’s printed on demand with unique designs from independent artists worldwide. With Spoonflower, you can either create your own designs or shop our Marketplace to find the exact right design for you.

Spoonflower employees in their Me Made May creations

Our Community

The Spoonflower community includes creatives of all backgrounds including artists, makers, DIY enthusiasts, interior designers and YOU. 

We're proud to foster a talented patchwork of individuals who contribute thoughtfully and artfully to our Marketplace. Artists and makers worldwide use our platform to express their personal style and empower their entrepreneurial spirit daily. Thanks to our creative community, Spoonflower is a place where you can always find exactly what you need for your project or space.

Whether you’re a beginner or a pro, your creativity is welcome here.

Spoonflower employee packaging an order

Our Process

Using digital printing technology, Spoonflower’s on-demand process has revolutionized the textile and home decor industry. Our scalable manufacturing and operational practices minimize waste, prioritize responsibly-sourced fabrics and utilize recycled materials wherever possible. We also use water-based pigment inks and dyes for printing each of our products.

Artist painting flowers

Supporting Independent Artists Everywhere

Every time you make a purchase from our Marketplace, you’re supporting an independent artist and their family, who earn a 10% royalty on every sale. We’re proud to provide a platform where artists of all backgrounds can fill their entrepreneurial cup as a small business, side hustle or rewarding hobby. 

Yellow polka dot curtains

Our Story

It all began with oversized yellow polka-dot curtains. Back in 2008 when Kim, (our co-founder Stephen Fraser’s wife) couldn’t find the right fabric and wanted to design her own, our founders, Gart Davis and Stephen, recognized a need for a platform that would allow average consumers to make a few yards of uniquely designed fabric in a fast, affordable way. 

From our humble beginning in a small North Carolina sock factory to now manufacturing fabric, wallpaper and home decor in state-of-the-art facilities across the USA, Spoonflower has grown from a simple idea to an abundant online marketplace full of color, pattern and opportunity for creatives everywhere. 

Spoonflower joined the Shutterfly family of brands in 2021, expanding opportunities for individual creators and small businesses. No matter the endeavor, we’re here to cheer on our community and foster self-expression, every day.  

Crafted with Care

Every product starts with people. Our team responsibly sources textiles and wallpapers from the best mills, ensuring the highest possible quality for every order. From our fleet of innovative printers to our in-house sewists stitching every seam with care, our team puts their hearts into everything we do. All fabric, wallpapers and home decor products are printed on demand, then sewn to order in the USA by a team dedicated to crafting the best possible products for you. 

Mission Statement

Spoonflower’s primary mission is to foster self-expression. 
We're a community-driven brand where artists always earn a 10% royalty on every purchase, and where makers, DIYers, designers, renters and homeowners can always find the perfect print for any project or space. As producers of textiles and wallpaper, we care deeply about employee safety, and are committed to making informed, thoughtful choices in what we make, how we make it and who it’s made by. 

Our Leadership Team

George Chao

General Manager, Spoonflower

Bryan Ziegler

Sr. Director, eCommerce

Sarah Ward

Sr. Director, Marketing

Headshot of Jane Sandor

Jane Sandor

Director, Merchandising

Stephan Gyorkos

Director, Growth

Caroline Walker

Director, Sales

Kara Martinez

Sr. Manager, Customer Service

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Spoonflower, Inc.
2810 Meridian Parkway Suite 132
Durham, NC 27713, USA

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