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©VO 2011 - All designs copyrighted. Please contact me if you like to license a design. If you'd like something as gift wrap please contact me. Thanks for viewing my shop! Twitter: veeves_o. Oh, and don't forget to follow me! On Facebook please find me


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quilting, nature, dots, animals, stripes, flowers, vintage, large scale repeats, geometric, abstract, whimsical, leaves, floral, birds, forest, watercolor, modern, bird, ocean, sea, fish, trees, cat, clouds, circles, kit, quilt, holiday, butterfly, black and white, stars, african, linen, animal, happy, squares, party, mid century modern, dog, toile, hand drawn, hearts, love, pattern, ditsy, photographic, food, baby, woodland, boys, kitty, children, jungle, spring, summer, neutral, coordinate, ladies, flying, ribbons, kawaii, tree, halloween, deer, fox, bugs, polka dots, water, butterflies, cute, waves, green, batik, winter, roses, lady, transportation, decor, owl, mod, christmas, chevron, retro, coffee, feathers, kids, shoes, game, graphic, sky, heart, toile de jouy, paint, sunshine, whimsy, woods, jazz, bus, steampunk, kitchen, boy, damask, cheater, girl, cats, pillow, daisy, women, leaf, teal, cut & sew, woman, chevrons, mouse, boat, night, natural, yarn, fire, colorful, white, kitties, pen and ink, denim, project selvage, science, rain, peacock, music, cheater quilt, toy, sewing, valentine, owls, french, beach, rainbow, victorian, vampire, plushie, squirrel, snow, hedgehog, garden, painting, lattice, letters, swirls, cut and sew pattern, sun, bubbles, blue, zig zag, technology, snakes, girls, houses, horses, lotus, sports, lily, creepy, pony, creatures, bears, sand, mittens, fun, home, sweater, mountains, antlers, fabric8, geek, rabbit, mushroom, bunny, tea towel, ice cream, fifties, space, bunting, dragon, fireworks, plaid, fairy, fishing, arrows, bike, bear, turtle, house, boats, collage, paper, sea creatures, cake, sailing, moon, sweet, typewriter, ornament, black, fantasy, typography, clock, gears, snake, berries, funny, fall, triangle, bells, rhino, lavender, hat, dance, kid, autumn, one yard, kittens, wallpaper, raven, clothing, kite, stained glass, writing, crosses, play, bees, scales, flight, 4th of july, boots, feminine, goddess, bows, checks, fat quarter, tweet, flags, romance, skull, robot, doll, calendar, alphabet, elephant, paisley, nautical, horse, mermaid, ikat, yellow, palette limited, fruit, bee, words, mid century, breakfast, extinct, book, nursery, gothic, tribal, insects, orange, monkey, elephants, camping, frog, bag, love letters, aviation, diamonds, sheep, robots, fashion, frogs, school, birthday, cocktail, blossoms, galaxy, vines, snowflakes, umbrella, dragonfly, tropical, b & w, lion, nebula, vegetables, candles, farm, rocket, cut and sew, hawaiian quilt, windows, time travel, koi, hawaiian, cartoon, houndstooth, embroidery, knitting, palette, plants, mexican, triangles, dandelion, chair, chickens, crest, derby, cocktails, angel, fairy tales, small, quilts, flag, palette restricted, earth science, pie, kites, picnic, keys, ribbon, ghost, earth, cow, eggs, plane, spider, balloons, bold, girly, family crest, ships, laundry, cactus, hipster, meat, spoon, polka, man, lilies, tennis, shabby, crab, bikes, bug, nest, circle, equestrian, farming, plant, cross, alligator, insect, patriotic, tiles, donkey, weird, scissors, bats, moose, star, fly, iris, grass, earth day, science fiction, sock monkey, motorcycle, sailboat, ink, scooter, games, recipe, sunny, type, vacation, light, scary, cool, history, valentines day, flame, new year, cage, musical, petals, purse, drinks, armadillo, monochrome, thread, strawberries, god, gardens, drums, independence, hats, chic, gems, folk tale, playful, coat of arms, homes, box, aliens, wind, cottage,
  • holiday designs

Sure and Begorrah, it's leprechaun laundry day
Sure and Begorrah, it's le...
Lonely, I'm Mr. Lonely
Lonely, I'm Mr. Lonely
hedgie christmas spoonflower
1963: Remember the night we made a candle salad?
1963: Remember the night w...
Forest ornaments
Forest ornaments
hedgies christmas balls png
When Humans Learn to Knit
When Humans Learn to Knit
Sparklers!  Wheeeee!
Sparklers! Wheeeee!
Jetson eggs!
Jetson eggs!
halloween owl hedgie jpg
Christmas with Nutcrackers
Christmas with Nutcrackers
Cardinal Holiday Gift Card Ornament
Cardinal Holiday Gift Card...
Eat, Drink and be Merry!
Eat, Drink and be Merry!
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