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Deborah Astley
Fletcher OK United States

This adventure in Spoonflower Land is colorful and exciting and I enjoy all its challenges. "I found I could say things with color and shapes that I couldn't say any other way . . . things I had no words for." (Georgia O'Keeffe)


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  • summer designs

"Come Into My Garden" Large Scale Repeat
"Come Into My Garden" Larg...
Tomato Surprise
Tomato Surprise
Layers of Filmy Spring Flowers
Layers of Filmy Spring Flo...
Ah-Choo Spring Plaid
Ah-Choo Spring Plaid
A Lemon, A Bowl of Lemon Leaves, and  Iced Tea
A Lemon, A Bowl of Lemon L...
Springtime on the Prairie
Springtime on the Prairie
Colors of Summer Not-Really-A-Plaid But What Else Can I Call It?
Colors of Summer Not-Reall...
Sunflower Zigzags
Sunflower Zigzags
Colors of Summer Runway Plaid in a Mirror Repeat
Colors of Summer Runway Pl...
That's just peachy in half-brick repeat
That's just peachy in half...
Before there were bee hives . . .
Before there were bee hive...
Onions in Summertime (large scale design)
Onions in Summertime (larg...
Morning Glory Green
Morning Glory Green
A Slight Variation on Layers of Filmy Spring Flowers
A Slight Variation on Laye...
Poppy  Palette Weave
Poppy Palette Weave
Mod Flowers
Mod Flowers
Wistful Plaid
Wistful Plaid
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