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Nasturtiums Fresh fabric by anntuck on Spoonflower - custom fabric

Preview scale: 24 x 24 inches

by anntuck

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6.77in x 6.77in, 133 pixels/inch,
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On Basic Cotton Ultra per yard $ In stock

By Ann Tuck

I am a professional artist and engineer, who comes from a family of ladies who love to sew. See my blog for sewing project instructions and find my paintings at

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My Nasturtiums design in a "fresh" color scheme. See also my "Nasturtiums Vintage" design in a "vintage" color scheme. If you have ordered my Nasturtium fabric before February 27th 2012 and want to match the fabric, please choose this "Fresh" fabric.

I now offer my Nasturtiums design in two color schemes. This "Nasturtiums Fresh" Design (my original design) has a more fresh, bright cast and "Nasturtiums" has a more muted, vintage cast. I've offered this Nasturtiums design since way back when Spoonflower was still in is Beta mode, but I've never been able to figure out why it has never appeared on the Spoonflower site with quite the same colors as are on my design file and on the beautifully printed fabric--It has always displayed on the Spoonflower site with a more muted, vintage cast. I've finally discovered what the problem has been and now I'm very pleased that I can offer "Nasturtiums Fresh" which displays on the website with the same colors as I had originally intended. However, since my Nasturtiums design has always been one of the most popular designs on the Spoonflower site, I could see the need to also offer it in the same vintage cast as it has been displayed for so long. After many printing iterations, I'm very pleased with how the vintage version "Nasturtiums" prints out. Note: If you have ordered my Nasturtiums design before February 24, 2012 and would like to match that fabric, please order this "Nasturtiums Fresh" fabric. I've also greated some new coordinating fabrics for both the "Fresh" and "Vintage" versions . Please see my "Nasturtiums Fresh" and "Nasturtiums Vintage" collections.

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anntuck says:

anntuck uploaded a fabric image for anntuck's design Nasturtiums Fresh :


Posted almost 4 years ago.


laurawilson says: I used this lovely fabric as the liner for a messenger-style laptop bag. I chose this fabric for the art-deco style and the gorgeous colors. Well done, Ann Tuck!

laurawilson uploaded a fabric image for anntuck's design Nasturtiums Fresh :


Posted almost 5 years ago.