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Peacock Feather Butterfly Art Nouveau fabric1 - LT-OLIVE fabric by mina on Spoonflower - custom fabric

Preview scale: 24 x 24 inches

by mina

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By Mina Wagner

All the designs I do somehow come out as fabric designs. They may start as photos, drawings, embroidery, dye-painted fabrics, batiks or virtual batiks, or even typography, but they all lead to fabrics. Often they are Art Nouveau or William Morris inspired

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Inspired by the Art Nouveau era Liberty fabric, with drawings of peacock feathers, and more modern fabrics inspired by that one, with added butterfly

This layout is not identical to either. It is from a photo I took of a Pipevine Swallowtail butterfly, and scans of peacock feathers. The exact colors that show up in the scans depend on the orientation of the feather to the scanner light. See swatch view for colors and details. ___This is full size. If you would like it smaller, please let me know. July 2018 ___The swatch I just got at full size had complete details on the butterflies, and the range of shades, so I recommend using this pattern at full size. This is a slightly different background color, now for sale. ___(In the Ultra print system, the feather and butterfly colors show darker than they are on the screen for Ultra printed at SMALLER size -- the butterfly wings are mostly black, and don't show as much detail. Since the butterfly looked mostly black, with blue edges on the wings (from the top), that is probably ok.) But get a swatch to check the colors please. ___There is a version of this with a taupe background which just went up for sale. Background colors were sampled from the feathers.

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mina says: July 25 2018. I have just tested a larger piece at full size on the taupe background color, and the butterflies and feathers printed just fine, with all the detail. Not too dark as they were when I got a swatch of this at a smaller size. So, this one too, which is now full-size, should print just fine. See the swatch view for details. The taupe one is also for sale now. I will still be doing a couple of versions with lighter backgrounds, and coordinating solids.

Posted 11 months ago.


mina says: I am testing some swatches with lighter backgrounds. On the Ultra cotton the butterfly and feathers printed very dark. I will be checking it on velvet too. Please get a swatch before ordering yardage.

Posted 12 months ago.